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Kids Show Magic
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Liberty Vanish

The famous David Copperfield's Vanishing Statue of Liberty, which he performed on TV shows, is now m..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

Liquid Suspention Out Of Stock

Liquid Suspention

Easy to do, Amazing effect Show the tube empty by allowing the audience to see right through it. ..

Rs. 359.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 359.00

Locked Box - New Inlaid

Here's an idea... A beautiful inlaid box that also helps you perform some incredible magic! Borrow..

Rs. 449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 449.00

Magi Cow and Frog

(Effect) Magician shows a “Cow” and a “Frog” board. He also introduces an empty envelope and an empt..

Rs. 249.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 249.00

Magic Card Frame (Sand Frame)

Magic Card Frame (Sand Frame Mini) Want to make a photograph mysteriously appear inside an empty fr..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Magic Coloring Book - Large

This book offers your children a unique scope for having fun and developing their hidden artistic ta..

Rs. 179.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 179.00

Magic Coloring Book - Mini

We have produced several models of the Coloring Book, and this version is Mini pocket Size. it is ha..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo) -9%

Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo)

A very versatile piece of Magical Apparatus. Magicians Shows Empty Frame from both sides, instantly..

Rs. 1,650.00 Rs. 1,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,500.00

Magic Lamp (Comedy Bulb) PB Model

A new and improved version of the Comedy Bulb. This model features a button at the bottom which ligh..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Magic Milk Bottle

These 6” inch magic Milk bottle is comedy prop. Performer displays a bottle full of milk. Tilt the b..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

Magic Pallet New

This is not a stand alone magic effect, but a prop you can use in conjunction with many other colori..

Rs. 109.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 109.00

Magic Pencil Case Out Of Stock

Magic Pencil Case

The Magical Pencil Case to hold all your school or office stationery like pencils, pens, erasers, et..

Rs. 179.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 179.00

Magic wand Wood (11 inch) Out Of Stock

Magic wand Wood (11 inch)

The choice of professional magicians! A wonderful quality wood Magician's Wand! Every magician nee..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Magical Candy Box

Couldn't be easier! Wonderful all-around production prop that works ALL BY ITSELF!  If you can put ..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Magicians Tail Coat

EVERY MAGICIAN MUST HAVE !! The tail coat is an important accessory for a stage magician. It helps ..

Rs. 5,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,199.00

Malini Egg Bag (with Egg)

Easy and fun! Many routines have been written for the Egg Bag, because there is so much you ..

Rs. 179.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 179.00

Metal Appearing Cane - Red Out Of Stock

Metal Appearing Cane - Red

RED Metal Appearing Cane IMPORTED best cane available in market. A full size cane appears instant..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Milk Magazine

The performer displays a magazine or newspaper and folds it up. He then proceeds to pour liquid into..

Rs. 39.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 39.00

Mini Production Pan Double Load (S.S.)

The Dove Pan has been one of the favourite production props of  magicians for decades.  We have sold..

Rs. 839.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 839.00

Miracle Bag - 3 Times

This is Utility prop can be used like famous trick changing bag, but in this version you can change ..

Rs. 649.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 649.00

Miracle Die Box

The Die Box is one of the classics of magic - and thisminiature version uses a die only 1" in size, ..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Mirror Box ( Folding ) Out Of Stock

Mirror Box ( Folding )

This extremely easy-to-perform trick is a perfect stunner! A very effective Production box in the f..

Rs. 1,849.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,849.00

Mirror Glass - Sealed

Change the color of a silk in the blink of an eye! Change milk to a white silk! Make a silk appear o..

Rs. 239.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 239.00

Mirror Glass Blendo

This is a novel Mirror Glass, which makes possible some effective changes. In this set, we supply it..

Rs. 1,049.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,049.00

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