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Street Magic

Pen Through Bill( ( Plastic ) Pen Through Bill( ( Plastic )
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Astound your audience as you perform this quick and easy magic trick!The Magic Pen is forced through a bill and then removed; leaving NO hole in the bill! Best of all, the Magic Pen and bill can be handed out for complete examination to shock even the most skeptical of observers.  Highly..
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Jumping Cross Paddle Jumping Cross Paddle
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This is the Perfect paddle to perform pocket miracles.  The ultimate magic paddle. As a result of YEARS of real-world use.This paddle is made from 100% dry-erase board. Whatever you write or draw on the paddle can immediately be wiped clean with your fingers. Draw anything on the paddle, transfo..
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Object to impossible location is one of the most classic, direct, and powerful effects in Magic. Its history can be traced back to more than a hundred years ago.Just like you, we have seen countless versions of this effect, which also made us constantly ponder the question: What is the ideal ver..
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Keymaster by Craig Petty Keymaster by Craig Petty
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The ultimate everyday carry.. it's an entire act that lives on your keychain! Move and vanish holes IN YOUR SPECTATORS hands and MUCH MUCH more.This looks brilliant and the final phase was totally unexpected. Two strong moments of magic that happen right in the hands of the spectator!" - Marc Ob..
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Easy To Do mental Act, Read your spectator's thoughts…This jumbo card set allows you to perform Mind reading miracles. Very Unique Principle. No multiple questions or binary combinations.Effect: you start the trick by showing 8 jumbo-size cards with different country flags printed on..
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Network X by Black Box Magic Network X by Black Box Magic
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One of the Best mind reading effect ever created with an unbelievable twist.Easy to carry and perform.A small device does it all for you …Ask your spectator to select a playing card from a shuffled deck of cards. In general, the magician reveals spectators’ selection in a normal way by..
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This is an Economy mini version ( made in China ), An amazing close-up item that plays big! After receiving great reviews from the magic community, we have decided to make this fantastic routine more portable. This version will fit into your palm easily! Based on the creative mind of Kai..
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Two Card Monte
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A quick and easy game!So easy to learn! It almost works itself!It's the old switcheroo game! You'll win every time!Show your spectator two playing cards. Put them behind your back, then take one out, with the back showing. Ask your spectator which of the two cards he thinks it is- no..
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Breakthrough in visual magic. No bad angles. The most visual card change of all time.The front AND BACK of a card change in full view.A visual color change is one of the strongest reactions you can get in card magic.This brand-new gimmick not only allows you to transform a card with jus..
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Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, both are shown and believe it or not, they link together forming a candy bond that will surprise science as two solid objects join with no apparent means possible of doing so. The two linked pieces of candy are shown from all angles, they really are linke..
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The magician take out a bag with a voodoo kit, a voodoo doll, needles, and left a letter inside the bag, and left it untouched.Then the magician asks the spectator to freely choose how many needles he/she wants to use and asks to freely stab it at the voodoo doll at any spot he/she desires.A..
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Card To Wallet (IN) Card To Wallet (IN)
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A signed card visually jumps from the deck to your wallet.The effect is that a spectator selects a card from a freely shuffled pack and marks the card with a pen with his or her initials. It is returned to the deck and, after he has shuffled the cards, the performer removes his wallet from his p..
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Master Mind Cards ( Pocket Size )
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Master Mind Cards are classic magic Tricks Now in poker size card version.  A strong mental effect using cards suitable for closeup/walkaround use. The performer places aside an envelope, which he claims is a prediction.  He now fans and displays a dozen different cards.  He turns the packet..
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This is a very popular effect.We now offer you new model for this effect, every bit as good and effective in working, but single pen, considerably enhance effect.Performer shows a currency Bill (which may be borrowed) and a ball point pen. He taps the Bill with the pen, then pushes it righ..
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An ORDINARY OBJECT. A SNAP of the FINGERS. A VISUALLY VOLATILE RESTORATION. Best part? It’s INCREDIBLY EASY to do.One of the most popular new tricks in recent years.When you take a bite of this VERY SPECIAL cookie it'll VISIBLY restore itself! You reach into a pack of cookies and pull a ..
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Unlocked By Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic Unlocked By Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic
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Unlocked is a special app that makes your lock screen an ingenious and undetectable way to get information from your spectator.Phase 1You will be able to give your spectator the ability to unlock your phone:- They can unlock your phone by guessing your code. - They can unlock your phone..
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Spider Pen X (Gimmicks and online instructions) by Yigal Mesika Spider Pen X (Gimmicks and online instructions) by Yigal Mesika
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The most practical, highest-performing motorized reel ever created!As the leading pioneer in levitation technology, nobody knows this field better than the motorized reel maestro himself: Yigal Mesika. Imagine yourself performing jaw-dropping, eye-popping levitations, and drawing gasps of astoni..
Rs. 10,900.00
Tarantula II (Online Instructions and Gimmick) by Yigal Mesika
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It’s back... and better than ever! Now with a rechargeable battery, instant lock and unlock abilities, completely silent micro motor, hands-free, stealth design and a brand new video tutorial."Incredible innovations!"  - Dynamo"The Tarantula II is magically genius!"  - Cyril "Yet again..
Rs. 6,945.00 Rs. 6,799.00
Broadway Mark Deck Combo (Red & Blue) Broadway Mark Deck Combo (Red & Blue)
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Get One Red & One Blue Broadway mark Deck in this combo and SAVE Rs. 150Best marked deck- clever and easy to read!  FINALLY- an EASY TO READ deck for the magician at any skill level!The Broadway Marked Deck is a clever & Simple, now poker-size version.If you've tried to read other..
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Broadway Mark Deck (Blue) Broadway Mark Deck (Blue)
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Best marked deck- clever and easy to read!  FINALLY- an EASY TO READ deck for the magician at any skill level!The Broadway Marked Deck is a clever & Simple, now in poker size version.If you've tried to read other decks but had trouble- TRY THESE! Once you know the secret, your readi..
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 250.00
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