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Kids Show Magic
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Magic Card Frame (Sand Frame)

Magic Card Frame (Sand Frame Mini)Want to make a photograph mysteriously appear inside an empty ..

$ 6.01

Passe Passe Bottles (Set of 3)

Make a bottle move from one tube to another, change places with a glass, and vanish!Loading the ..

$ 19.28

Silk Blow Dye Tube

The Dye Tube is a gimmick that allows you to change the color of an ordinary silk or one silk for an..

$ 3.40

Locked Box - New Inlaid

Here's an idea...A beautiful inlaid box that also helps you perform some incredible magic!Bo..

$ 9.02

Magic Pallet New

This is not a stand alone magic effect, but a prop you can use in conjunction with many other colori..

$ 2.19

Color Changing Fan - Large

Effect: A large fan changes color several times in succession. The Color Changing Fan as such is..

$ 7.42

Misers Dream Glass

Coins from thin air!Imagine producing coin after coin from thin air! This professional coin tumb..

$ 2.79

Bunny Hat

The performer tells the story of a magic rabbit who was very sad. Unlike other magic rabbits, he did..

$ 5.61

Silk Blow Prediction

This is a very novel card prediction effect.  Performer points to a small tube on the ..

$ 10.43

Ultra Fine 18" Silk - Happy Birthday

Ultra Fine 18" Silk - Happy BirthdayMagic with Silks is colorful and appealing for any audience...

$ 4.60

Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo) -9%

Magic Flash Frame (Jumbo)

A very versatile piece of Magical Apparatus.Magicians Shows Empty Frame from both sides, instant..

$ 33.17 $ 30.15


You can perform many amazing mental effects with this specially gimmicked “Net Shopping Bag&rd..

$ 2.39

Crazy Glasses - Wonder

An Imposible Penetration Trick - HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDDescriptionA crazy penetration effect where l..

$ 4.60

Visual Color Changing Plumes (#3)

Very easy to do - fools ADULTS but can be performed by kids 6 and up!Three different color feath..

$ 6.01

Break Away Fan ( S.S. )

Terrific comedy prop! Great for audience participation! And it's HUGE and COLORFUL!This classi..

$ 6.01

Color Changing Candle in Frame -1%

Color Changing Candle in Frame

Classy Color Changing Candle Effect In New Way, Recommended!The performer shows a picture of a..

$ 4.02 $ 4.00

Ring & Rope Set

Perfect Set To Learn Rope Magic Tricks with Instructional Booklet.This rope magic set comes to y..

$ 5.81

Liquid Suspention

Easy to do, Amazing effectShow the tube empty by allowing the audience to see right through it. ..

$ 7.22

Stregone Magic Wand ( Hand Made)

Beautiful and Unique accaessory for Magicians, Limited Stock.Every magician Must have Magic Wand..

$ 6.01

Silk Fountain Multicolor

This is an extremely colorful silk production. The performer displays a single silk, which is bu..

$ 13.04

Bag To Cape

Ultimate Magicians Accessory with Flashy Effect.Magician repeatedly removes props from a small b..

$ 17.06

Super Paper Cup -33%

Super Paper Cup

Time to think ECO-MAGIC!  Finally an ideal trick for the environmentally-friendly generation! Inst..

$ 12.06 $ 8.04

Mirror Glass - Sealed

Change the color of a silk in the blink of an eye! Change milk to a white silk! Make a silk appear o..

$ 4.80

Dice From Bag By NMS -33%

Dice From Bag By NMS

SUPER VISUAL Magic!Show an everyday brown paper bag folded FLAT. Now Magician Open it and reache..

$ 22.61 $ 15.08

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