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The Vault
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The Vault - 3DM by Mike Hankins video DOWNLOAD

An EXTREMELY visual color change.  A VERY deceptive switch.  A SEAMLESS card control.  All for th..

Rs. 749.00

The Vault - IG by Josh Janousky (video Download)

Here's an incredible prediction effect using the spectator's own phone and their own Instagram app! ..

Rs. 749.00

The Vault - Indian Bean Mystery by Tom Mullica (video Download)

One of the most shocking impromptu tricks in the world! Tom Mullica teaches you the world's ultimat..

Rs. 379.00

The Vault - Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard (video Download)

The performer offers a demonstration of human energy. A bill is borrowed, signed, and placed on the ..

Rs. 899.00

The Vault - Post-In by Victor Sanz (video Download)

Victor Sanz's underground Post-It note routine has finally surfaced!  A spectator signs their name ..

Rs. 728.00

The Vault - Handy Matrix by Alan Rorrison (video Download)

Have you ever wished you could perform Matrix without a table?  This is THE solution for a real-wor..

Rs. 729.00

The Vault - Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs by Rasmus (Video Download)

Want to receive wild and excited reactions? All using rubber bands? Read on!  A Master Class on the..

Rs. 729.00

The Vault - False Shuffle Project by Patrick Redford (video DOWNLOAD)

The False Shuffle Project is a must have for any stack worker!  With a run time of forty-five minut..

Rs. 729.00

The Vault - Induction by Spidey (video DOWNLOAD)

Learn Hypnosis!  "If you are looking for practical information on building a show, I think you will..

Rs. 3,630.00

The Vault - Torn by Daniel Garcia (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of a torn playin..

Rs. 1,089.00

The Vault - Spell by Shin Lim (Video Download)

The ultimate spelling effect - the spectator will remember that they did everything!  You hand the ..

Rs. 599.00

The Vault - Conscious Magic Episode 1 by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink (Video DOWNLOAD)

Mentalism at its finest! If you enjoy performing and creating the illusion of reading your spectator..

Rs. 1,869.00

The Vault - Miles from Nowhere by Bryan Miles Mixed Media (PDF DOWNLOAD)

If you're looking for dramatic and stunning mind-reading effects, you've found it right here! In th..

Rs. 759.00

The Vault - Naked Deck Switch by Charlie Frye Mixed Media (DOWNLOAD )

Charlie Frye's underground deck switching secret finally revealed!  An incredibly easy deck switch ..

Rs. 759.00

The Vault - Shape Shifter by Shin Lim and Riccardo Negroni (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

The most magical coin and ring Spellbound you will ever do! The two items appear to transform into o..

Rs. 759.00

The Vault - The Big Tiny by Paul Harris (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

This effect is the perfect closer and is simply AMAZING! You will fool yourself with the method.  A..

Rs. 759.00

The Vault - Gerard on Hoy by Andrew Gerard (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

Learn the world's greatest un-gimmicked, impromptu, anytime anywhere book test! Plus 3 incredible ne..

Rs. 1,129.00

The Vault - Psychokinetic Silverware by Gerry and Banachek (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

If you really could bend metal with your mind, Psychokinetic Silverware is exactly how it would look..

Rs. 1,519.00

The Vault - Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

Velocity : High-Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith Jr.  Rick Smith Jr. is THE card throwin..

Rs. 2,049.00