Kids Show Magic

Kids Show Magic
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Monkey Bar (Deluxe)

One of the all time comedy classic effects! A sucker effect second to none! For children-family show..

$ 12.04

Flower Snow Storm

Perfect for your  "Snow Storm in China" routine with new colorful touch.Performer shows simple p..

$ 3.20

Mirror Box ( Folding ) Out Of Stock

Mirror Box ( Folding )

This extremely easy-to-perform trick is a perfect stunner!A very effective Production box in the..

$ 37.16

Mini Production Pan Double Load (S.S.) Out Of Stock

Mini Production Pan Double Load (S.S.)

The Dove Pan has been one of the favourite production props of  magicians for decades.  We have ..

$ 16.86

Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle -29%

Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle

Magician presents a bottle of Coco cola, place it inside of a clear box leaving the upper half of th..

$ 23.92 $ 17.09

Mouth Coil - White

Mouth Coils are a classic piece of magic that entertains all ages. Both Mark and Paul use them to gr..

$ 2.99

Mouth Coil Classic - White

These Mouth Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a productio..

$ 2.99

Giant Snaky Wand -9%

Giant Snaky Wand

Magic Wand is the signature for every magician. It represents magic.Giant Magic wand is the powe..

$ 11.06 $ 10.03

Appearing Cups From Empty Plates -38% Out Of Stock

Appearing Cups From Empty Plates

The magician unfolds a two bareness board, so long as two boards overlapping & pulled slightly, magi..

$ 24.12 $ 15.05

Magic Coloring Book - Large

This book offers your children a unique scope for having fun and developing their hidden artistic ta..

$ 3.60


This large metal container is custom designed for this incredible magic trick. A glass of water, or ..

$ 3.60

Wonderful Arrow

A classic prop with a unique finale....The arrow on the square shaped card points in the sam..

$ 2.99

Ever Filling Glass Locking (Standard)

Performer shows a transparent glass full of liquid such as Milk, Coke etc. He drinks from it, till t..

$ 2.99

Milk Magazine

The performer displays a magazine or newspaper and folds it up. He then proceeds to pour liquid into..

$ 0.78

Fan to See

The performer shows the audience a fan of normal, poker sized cards. After overhearing a remark from..

$ 2.39

Coffee Vase (Brass)

The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to edible liquid Coffe..

$ 30.13

Three Card Monte - Giant

Three Card Monte - Giant Stage SizeThe classic Three Card Monte with giant cards.The tric..

$ 18.07

Fire Book & Dove Cages

A book and its pages are displayed to the audience and shown to be completely normal. Magician..

$ 61.28

Super Force Bag (Clear)

Description A new transparent forcing bag that can be performed on stage, parlour or close up. The ..

$ 1.39

Third Fake Hand (Medium)

Fantastic Magic or Comedy ClassicMake it appear you are holding an object with two hands when in..

$ 15.05

Frame Up

The performer brings out a large envelope, with a prediction inside. A spectator now selects a card..

$ 15.05

Pig to Melon - Sponge

You display the head of a Pig ( a pig head !) between your hands. Your hands are shown otherwise emp..

$ 10.03

Happy Birthday Coloring Frame

EFFECT:  Magician shows a board frame with a card visible through a large cut-out window. The c..

$ 2.99

Production Bird Cage Small Out Of Stock

Production Bird Cage Small

For the professional performer looking for an outstanding and exclusive production item in a big sta..

$ 40.18

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