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When it happens in their hands -It's an old adage of conjuring: The strongest magic happens in the hands of the audience.A lesser-known corollary to this is: The more that happens there, the stronger the magic.So what if it all happened in their hands? What if the magician wasn't even i..
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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition ( DVD ) Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition ( DVD )
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Bigblindmedia presentsUltimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition (BBM192)The bestselling Ultimate Self Working Card Trick series is the gold standard for sleight-free card tricks… magic that slays audiences and yet requires NO moves to accomplish. The emphasis here is on prov..
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An incredible revelation of a spectator's PIN Number, Passcode, Date Of Birth or a Random Time, in a 'Dictionary Test Style' within the first fifty thousand decimals of Pi.Perfect for solo performers, double acts, live performances, or on zoom.Pi Revelations is sold with this book and a link..
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Time Zone by John Vincent & Alakazam Magic
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A THREE-PHASE MENTAL ROUTINEPHASE ONE.You borrow a watch (or use your own), place it face down and step away from it. Then you tell your spectators that you can keep accurate time in your mind and know exactly to the second what the time will be whenever your volunteer looks at the watch. Yo..
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After spending a decade producing more than 100 magic books for some of the biggest magicians in the industry, Andi Gladwin is finally releasing his own book. And it is quite possibly the most highly-anticipated book of the year!While Andi has released numerous effects and many popular lectures,..
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Edward Marlo is a phenomenon who has unquestionably made an indelible mark in the world of magic. In the past forty years he has published numerous innovative and influential books, plus an impressive number of articles for various magazines. The Complete Marlo Bibliography is still incomplete, but ..
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True Mysteries 2 by Fraser Parker True Mysteries 2 by Fraser Parker
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True Mysteries 2 is the sequel to the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed first True Mysteries book and DVD by Fraser Parker. In this book you will learn the real work Fraser and co author Gavin O Rourke- Soccorso use to create the illusion of hypnotic trance and feats of seeming hypnosis, without t..
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Ryan Schlutz has become a master of creating incredibly deceptive effects that require almost no sleight of hand. In this book, he teaches a concept he has honed for over 20 years called False Anchors.Within these pages you will grasp how to create a False Anchor, to change a person's perception..
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Are you tired of all the overproduced magic trailers? Meaningless street shots and paid actors with overexaggerated reactions?We are a group of young magicians who love direct and visual magic. Magic that people can understand and genuinely react to, even if they don't understand your language. ..
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Steven Himmel is a Los Angeles based magician who's been performing his unique brand of magic for over 10 years. Steven is also an active member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.This young, fresh and creative mind has a wonderful amount of magic to offer the world ..
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Discover the unique, uncensored presentations of the world's most well-known, investigated and celebrated mentalist of our generation.The Uri Geller Trilogy is an extraordinary DVD Set.For the FIRST TIME ever, you will get answers and revelations about his most personal and closely held thou..
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Ryan Plunkett's Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of practical and professional material, plucked straight from his working repertoire. Like a fine whiskey, this collection of ten routines was distilled and refined slowly and carefully, over time.Ryan Plunkett, a founding ensemble member ..
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Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy
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 If you want to make money selling magic, this is required reading."It is, without a doubt, the textbook for anyone interested in the subject." —Magic Magazine"This is the book I wish I had 10 years ago." —Uday Jadugar"A highly recommended read and study. If every inventor, artist, and..
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Game Changer by Jason Ladanye - Book Game Changer by Jason Ladanye - Book
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Game Changer is a sensational collection of magic and gambling effects with cards. This book picks up right where his critically-acclaimed debut Confident Deceptions left off. Jason has once again raised the bar with 18 new, powerful effects, gorgeously illustrated with 225 stunning high-quality, fu..
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CHINESE SURPRISE - Garrett has taken Fred Kaps' classic coin routine and added a surprise ending that will hit any audience hard. After several visual transpositions of a silver and copper coin, the audience will swear that more than two coins are in use. This is confirmed as the performer's hands a..
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Join us At The Table, to learn awe-inspiring magic from the most respected and highly accomplished masters in the industry. This DVD set starts with a big bang with none other than Chris "Orbit" Brown. The creator of countless moves, effects, and the renowned magic seminar "The Classroom," he has pr..
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RUBINSTEIN COIN MAGIC is FINALLY here!  A lifetime of coin magic and learning has been jam-packed into this unbelievable treatise on sleight-of-hand coin magic from Dr. Michael Rubinstein.Rubinstein Coin Magic is destined to be an instant classic. This will become one of the signature books..
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The Illusioneer was a critically-acclaimed smash success in its original French language, and we at Vanishing Inc. are proud to be the publishers of the English-language edition of this important work. Carlos Vaquera is a seminal force of European magic, and this is his opus. With more than thirty c..
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Ouija by Fraser Parker and Ross TaylerAs close to real billet-less name guess.Imagine... In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. They name a few random letters, including letters from the name. The name i..
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CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 by Docc Hilford - Book
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The Highest Level of Cell WorkThe final book in a series of thirty is perhaps Docc Hilford's greatest yet. His swansong will leave audiences in awe. A complete routine that stands as a full stage act of can be played casually on the street. It is what Real Time Mentalism is all about.In 2006..
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