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Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two
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A devastating split second, invisible switch. Switch cards right before your spectator's eyes.20 years ago, a ground breaking switch hit the magic world that left magicians rubbing their eyes in disbelief.Mark Mason along with Mak Magic introduced Switch-A-Roo by Russel Niedzwiecki. It reall..
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Standard Close-Up PIP Pad 16X23 (Blue)
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Murphy’s Standard Line of Close-Up Pads (PIP ) are everything but standard. These pads contain a thick, dense, high quality inner-cushion, non-slip rubber back, and a high quality fabric top. By all means a high quality, professional close-up pad with which you will be proud to perform. Available in..
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Fontaine Fantasies Blind Pack Playing Cards are an exciting combination of anticipation, mystery, great aesthetics, and quality cards.Fontaine Fantasies (Blind Pack) Playing Cards includes a chance to get ONE of 10 decks (or one of 2 mystery decks) that are wrapped in blind packs and distributed..
Rs. 1,499.00
The Dark Knight x Batman Playing Cards The Dark Knight x Batman Playing Cards
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The Caped Crusader EMERGES FROM THE SHADOWS The Dark Knight Trilogy Playing Cards feature all of your favorite characters from the iconic series - including BATMANâ„¢, Bane, The Jokerâ„¢, Scarecrow, and Harvey Dent/Two Faceâ„¢: "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the daw..
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“I would like to have Adrian Vega’s brain, but i don’t think he will accept mine in exchange, so I will settle for his Deck Stab 3.0, which is as close as I can get to have a miracle on my hands” – Jandro (4 times fooler on Fool Us)Adrian Vega had shared with the magic community his Deck Stab a..
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The Ring Has AwokenIT’S HEARD ITS MASTER’S CALLFeaturing beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy - from Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring to Gollum, Saruman, and the Dark Lord Sauron. The deck follows their journey from The Shire to Mordor and their adven..
Rs. 1,199.00
Mono - Xero: Chroma Edition (Blue) Playing Cards Mono - Xero: Chroma Edition (Blue) Playing Cards
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Turn heads with Luke Wadey's latest Mono deck; the much anticipated new Chroma edition, combining his recognisable pattern technique with a cardistry inspired back design once more, Mono Xero Chroma Edition is worth taking for a spin!Special edition deck in the Mono series Printed by USPCC ..
Rs. 1,049.00 Rs. 800.00
Bicycle Shin Lim Playing Cards Bicycle Shin Lim Playing Cards
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Bicycle and Shin Lim make some magic together in this beautiful, co-designed deck. Bicycle Shin Lim is a playable deck of cards, with a faded 10 of hearts that will help enthusiasts perform a trick that Shin Lim will teach you how to do!QR code inside will direct consumers to a private video whe..
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Endless choices of effects can be done with this box.For example, if you ask for paper money from a spectator (let's say a Rs. 500 bill), and you tell him to fold it and place it into the small clear box for safe keeping. The box, which is attached to a ribbon, then hangs around his neck in ful..
Rs. 1,299.00
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AVailable in stock Introducing Anverdi's COLOR MATCH.DUPLICATE the EXACT colored drawing your audience member has created, plus SO much more! Read minds with a press of a button.Anverdi's Color Match pens can now be placed in ANY cup, glass or pen holder! You can even have your audienc..
Rs. 25,900.00
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They won't be able to believe this!Just like a classic six-card repeat magic trick, this is SIX BILL REPEAT.The performer displays six 500 rupees bills, – saying this is what he got paid for his last show. His wife believes in fifty-fifty, half of everything he has is hers! So she took half ..
Rs. 99.00
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Magic, mentalism & playing card collecting are underground passions.It’s very unlikely that your neighbor will know magic, or collect custom decks too.That’s why we live our lives online. In a frantic search to find like-minded souls… to find our people.The Discord Deck is a celebration ..
Rs. 849.00
In Case of Emergency by Adam Wilber In Case of Emergency by Adam Wilber
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THE DEFINITIVE CARD-TO-BOX GIMMICK"Adam Wilber has made a clever, low profile switch box that injects a quality of participatory playfulness into a classic effect" - David RegalThe signed card to impossible location plot is a true classic of magic for good reason. If you've ever performed t..
Rs. 3,349.00 Rs. 2,499.00
Blades 10th Anniversary - SILVER METALLUXE™ EDITION by De'vo Blades 10th Anniversary - SILVER METALLUXE™ EDITION by De'vo
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ONLY 500 SETS Manufactured! Sets include 2 decks with Silver MetalLuxe™ Backs in 2 different HOLO FOIL BOXES(Red and Silver), NUMBERED SEALS, each HAND SIGNED by De'vo and comes with a NUMBERED Collector's Coin!De'vo was involved in the very first modern decks in the beginning of the pla..
Rs. 8,220.00
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The X Deck is FINALLY BACK, this time IN RED limited quantity availableReleased after 2 years of everyone asking for it. Initially released for Alex Pandrea’s Birthday in a “sample” 100 deck run, the unlucky few who couldn’t grab one are now the lucky few. These WILL sell out just like the other..
Rs. 1,249.00
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There are numerous classic card effects involving a torn corner. There's only one thing missing -- a perfect visual vanish, until NOW.SansMinds Creative Lab collaborated with creative talent Robert Lupu from Romania to bring you Blink Vanish.Blink Vanish is a vanish that looks like real magi..
Rs. 3,300.00
Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy
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 If you want to make money selling magic, this is required reading."It is, without a doubt, the textbook for anyone interested in the subject." —Magic Magazine"This is the book I wish I had 10 years ago." —Uday Jadugar"A highly recommended read and study. If every inventor, artist, and..
Rs. 2,990.00 Rs. 599.00
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Limited Edition to 2,500 decks. Numbered Custom SealCardists are going to love the incredibly stylish Turn Playing Cards.Turn has adopted a cool and incredible design on the card back. It will catch your eyes immediately if you do cardistry.If you look at the back of the card, you will s..
Rs. 1,049.00
Profiteer by Adrian Vega Profiteer by Adrian Vega
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The Mystery Box is a classic plot that most magicians have in their repertoire. Having a freely selected, signed card, appear miraculously in an isolated container is a plot that is easy to follow, and it drives magicians and laypeople crazy. Adrian Vega, the creator of SCAANDAL, has taken this conc..
Rs. 2,559.00 Rs. 1,199.00
Darkslide (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Chris Ramsay Darkslide (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Chris Ramsay
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Chris Ramsay's latest heart-stopper has been flooring spectators with an incredibly open and fair card reversal. His newest creation, Darkslide, gives you the ability to visually reverse the spectator's selection, in an open display of a fully fanned deck, right in front of their eyes, with nothing ..
Rs. 1,700.00 Rs. 920.00
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