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Card To Wallet (IN) Card To Wallet (IN)
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A signed card visually jumps from the deck to your wallet.The effect is that a spectator selects a card from a freely shuffled pack and marks the card with a pen with his or her initials. It is returned to the deck and, after he has shuffled the cards, the performer removes his wallet from his p..
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Cardinals Euchre Playing Cards by Midnight Cards Cardinals Euchre Playing Cards by Midnight Cards
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Cardinals EUCHRE Playing Cards: Popular in many parts of the world, especially the American Midwest, Euchre is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people - two teams of two.The Cardinals EUCHRE Deck features hand-drawn Cardinals imagery throughout the design and includes two ..
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Catch Out By Magic Mania Catch Out By Magic Mania
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Using a magic hand, the magician miraculously grabs the spectators chosen card from a deck tossed into the airThe performer displays a pack of cards.  A card is selected by a member of the audience, and shuffled back into the pack. The pack is held by a spectator.Performer displays a plastic..
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Card Fan Production Large Card Fan Production Large
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Card Fans are always Highly recommended in Production stuffWhether you're doing stage manipulations with cards and want a grand finale or just a cool card fan production of Large cards. you can simply take this Load under silk, big flower bouquet. or even form lady assistant back.  - Ult..
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Imagine the Possibilities…We are often called upon to perform magic during times we least expect. Today's spectators have proven to be more difficult to fool than ever before.Chase the Ace is the illusion you can take wherever you go. Chase the Ace uses one of magic's best-kept secrets keeping..
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Imagine a portable hole that you can transfer to a SIGNED card. Congratulations, you've just imagined Cartoon CapersThis exceeded our expectations of what a card trick is capable of.It's seriously like having an "Acme Portable Hole" from road runner cartoons... you take a hole from one card ..
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The performer shows two silks approximately 13″ x 13″ of two different colors (Red and White) tied together by their diagonal corners.He passes the silks through his fist and they change into two silks in a Red and White checkered pattern.The effect can be repeated to transform the Checkered..
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The Chop Cup Combo outfit (RWB) is a set of  three different colored seamless spun aluminum cups for the close-up magician. The Chop Cup allows you to perform many Cups and Balls type routines, using a single cup, where balls magically penetrate, appear under, or vanish from a cup. It has a mech..
Rs. 499.00
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