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Coin & Money Magic

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A true marvel of magic! in effect spectator's signed coin is placed under a handkerchief and then held by the spectator. You take around the plastic box from your pocket and place it in the spectator's other hand.  Now, with the handkerchief covering the signed coin in one hand, and the pla..
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A new way to use Black Art is ready for you... really easy to make... really easy to perform.No magnets, flaps, thread or any electronics You can add your own vanishes and appearances to your routine Really inexpensive to make Use for parlor... stage... social media... or wherever you w..
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High-quality imitation Chinese coins, perfect for all of your routines.Finely finish silver edges with raised Chinese characters on Both SidesThese are NOT cheaply stamped and painted washers - they're custom-made coins, crafted with the magician in mind. Because of Chinese characters on..
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Show a coin and place it on your or a spectator’s hand. Show your other hand front and back, then wave it over the coin…the coin visually vanishes or changes to a different coin. Many other effects are possible with the Raven Reel.comes special gimmicked reel it allows you to vanish objects righ..
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A gorgeous, brand new edition with coins made to be the perfect size and weight and expert teaching from Troy Hooser and extra tips from Joshua Jay.Troy Hooser's coin magic inspired a generation of magicians and the Charming Chinese Challenge is his finest creation. For years, it has been off th..
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An amazing device to carry with you at all times. Make money and other paper based items like visiting cards and post-it notes vanish right under your spectators nose!Perfect for street and office and school and home magic. ..
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Another of those excellent magic props, that magicians shy away from because there are hundreds of models available in Kid’s magic sets, or in toy stores. But so are Cups & Balls and Linking Rings – it's not the prop, but what you do with it that makes the Magic.The Coin Slide resembles a drawer..
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A round box, which holds 4 coins. Set the box on the back of your hand. Lift the lid, and the audience can see the coins fill the box. Cover the box, tap it, and the coins instantly pass through the box and the back of your hand. Lift off the lid, and show the box is now completely empty.Our Bos..
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COINS FOR MAGICIANSMechanic Industries Grinder Coins have set the benchmark for custom coins. Specifically designed for use in sleight of hand coin magic routines, these coins are finished to the highest quality and specifications. Their compatibility to be used alongside other Mechanic Indust..
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Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then watch this trailer. THIS is how it would look. No funny moves. No fast motion. No camera edits. You roll back your sleeves. You show three coins. One by one, they just... disappear. Triad Coins is a revelation in co..
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Chinese Coin Set Dollar Size (with DVD) Chinese Coin Set Dollar Size (with DVD)
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A truly beautiful design carried out in exquisite detail. The manufacturer of these special Chinese coins has spared no expense to create the ultimate dream Chinese coin specifically for magicians.This coin is in dollar size. Several different trick coins are available in this design and in this..
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Show a completely empty and transparent glass. Drop a ball inside to show it naturally rolling inside.Remove the ball and cover the glass with a hanky. Place a coin on top of the hanky, allowing the hanky to fall to the bottom of the glass. Then drop the ball back into the glass.Incredibly, ..
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 A quick and entertaining effect where coins are counted and are then transposed from your plastic tray into your spectator's hand. Once the spectator opens their hand, they find more coins than they had counted before!A quick and entertaining effect where coins are counted and are then tran..
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People love to see magic with money!Use a plain white paper and literally change any currency bills! or turn the torn card back to normalYou'll even be able to show BOTH SIDES of the bill and white paper all the time! Just like in the video demo! No camera tricks, no funny angles were used t..
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Rubber Bands for Flipper & Folding coins
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This is Best Quality & Long Lastic spare Rubber bands.can be used with Folding Coin, Biting Coin or Flopper Coin Etc.Comes set of 25 best quality rubber bands Only without any instruction sheet. ..
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This is the same Biting A COIN effect you've seen David Blaine do on TV!YES! Borrow a Coin of Rs.1. Place it in your mouth and bite on it. You've bitten out a section with your teeth! With a blowing motion, the missing piece immediately reappears! The coin can be examined and returned to the ow..
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This is a very effective penetration of SOLID THROUGH SOLID.The performer displays a small wooden box slotted on top and bottom through which a coin can pass. A glass sheet is placed inside the box, so that it obstructs the slots, filling up the entire inside of the box. There seems to be no wa..
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"Nice effect you guys! I like the visual."  - Dennis Kim "Great effect. Highly visual! It's like I'm seeing a CGI."  - Jhunar Tauy "Simple but effective!"  - Tony HoFrom the mind of Chiam Yu Sheng all the way from Singapore, Matrix Plus is a strong and visual approach to the classic I..
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A folding coin is used for the coin in bottle effect, certain coins across routines, and the now-famous “biting” coin routine, in which you appear to bite a piece from a coin and visually “spit” it back on.In this package, you will get a finely crafted gimmicked coin. & Instruction sheet. No..
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The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed by us for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a very special manner. The prop resembled a common handkerchief, but the stitching of the pockets..
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