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Rising Jumping Twirling Wand

This is a Gag Magic Wand, which you can use as a regular magic wand in your act, and have it perform..

Rs. 89.00

Jumbo 4 inch Super Soft Sponge Ball (Red) Out Of Stock

Jumbo 4 inch Super Soft Sponge Ball (Red)

A big ball from a very small space! The Jumbo RED Sponge Ball is an excellent magic prop that has..

Rs. 359.00

Do As I Do Plumes Out Of Stock

Do As I Do Plumes

Do As I Do Plumes You invite an assistant in a game of 'Do As I Do'. They are given a feather an..

Rs. 399.00

Pip Card Jumbo (Thread)

The performer shows a large card, depicting a one spot on one side, and a four on the reverse. But w..

Rs. 149.00

The Invisible Hen by The Great Gorgonzola

A wonderful and entertaining vanish!  The performer shows his top hat, or other suitable container,..

Rs. 1,320.00

Instant Magician (With Kit)

HAVE A FUN WITH KIDS... This is a wonderful audience participation routine from Kevin James and his..

Rs. 4,249.00

Instant Magician (Coat only)

HAVE A FUN WITH KIDS... This is a wonderful audience participation routine from Kevin James and his..

Rs. 2,999.00

Ultimate Sketch Pad Out Of Stock

Ultimate Sketch Pad

Pick up an artist sketch pad any time during your performance and draw a face. Unexpectedly the Draw..

Rs. 1,749.00

Comedy Funnel (Plastic)

This is a great prop to use in any routine where you are using liquids. For example, you can have a..

Rs. 179.00

Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test (Online Instructions) by Shawn Farquhar Out Of Stock

Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test (Online Instructions) by Shawn Farquhar

Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, performs and explains in detail an effect t..

Rs. 5,849.00

Rip Apart Change bag

This a Flat Rip Apart Change Bag which will enable you to perform more than one change. The rip apa..

Rs. 299.00

Hippity Hop Rabbits

A guaranteed kid pleaser! This colorful comedy trick has a startling surprise climax - a great "suc..

Rs. 1,749.00

Magic Lamp (Comedy Bulb) PB Model Out Of Stock

Magic Lamp (Comedy Bulb) PB Model

A new and improved version of the Comedy Bulb. This model features a button at the bottom which ligh..

Rs. 99.00

Tricky Turvy Bottles

A sure fire laugh getter! Two bottles and two covers are used. A spectator uses one set and you use ..

Rs. 799.00

Magician's Insurance Policy - New Model

This is a new design and larger model of an item we have sold for several years. It is one of the mo..

Rs. 39.00

Rosy Cards

Magician displays 3 identical cards that printed green stem and makes magical gesture towards the ca..

Rs. 109.00

Food To Go

A Brand New Effect that we are sure will be part of your next performances!  Imagine being able t..

Rs. 549.00

Arsy Varsy Bottle by Tora Magic

The Performer displays a wine bottle, and an empty cylinder which just fits over the bottle. The ..

Rs. 1,399.00

Magi Cow and Frog

(Effect) Magician shows a “Cow” and a “Frog” board. He also introduces an empty envelope and an empt..

Rs. 249.00

Multiplying Wands - Multicolored Out Of Stock

Multiplying Wands - Multicolored

Kids go crazy over this one! Every magic trick needs a magic wand, Effetc One : You show Black ma..

Rs. 299.00

Wonder Glass Unbreakable

EVERY MAGICIAN MUST HAVE IT! This is new version of Classic Wonder Milk Glass, from years magician ..

Rs. 229.00

Liquid from Newspaper Gimmick

Pour milk into a folded newspaper and make it disappear and then reappear! The performer displa..

Rs. 49.00

Magic Pallet New Out Of Stock

Magic Pallet New

This is not a stand alone magic effect, but a prop you can use in conjunction with many other colori..

Rs. 109.00

Comedy Prediction Card

Predict Audiance selection in most funny manner  The magician asks the spectator to choose a card,..

Rs. 99.00