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Applause Please -26%

Applause Please

A gag item with a touch of magic, that will milk some applause, (and a laugh) from a "dead" audience..

Rs. 160.00 Rs. 119.00

Chameleon Champagne -45%

Chameleon Champagne

Simply cover the special water-filled champagne glass with a handkerchief, and the water transforms ..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 249.00

Clear Force Bag -22%

Clear Force Bag

As its name implies, the clear force bad is completely see-through. Spectators will never guess that..

Rs. 50.00 Rs. 39.00

Coin Vanishing Stand -15%

Coin Vanishing Stand

This is new version of classic coin vanishing stand, made in wood. You place up to four coins...or ..

Rs. 175.00 Rs. 149.00

Color Changing Bottles -18%

Color Changing Bottles

Effect : The performer displays a black bottle, and pours out a drink from this. He covers the bottl..

Rs. 2,200.00 Rs. 1,799.00

Color Changing Feather Ring -11%

Color Changing Feather Ring

Magician shows three white feather rings and three different color silks. One of the white feather ..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 399.00

Color Changing Hexagon -28% Out Of Stock

Color Changing Hexagon

The magician shows the audience a jumbo Pink hexagon. The other side is YELLOW. ..

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 179.00

Fire To Dove Bag -0%

Fire To Dove Bag

Performer displays an attractive velvet bag, and drops a lit match inside. Flames leap out of the ba..

Rs. 600.00 Rs. 599.00

Fish Production Gimmick -33%

Fish Production Gimmick

Goldfish production gimmick the best gimmick in 20th century. Producing a goldfish from a bill i..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 300.00

Flaming torch to cane -27%

Flaming torch to cane

We supply only the torch, with complete instruction Beautifully made. You have a torch in your hand ..

Rs. 150.00 Rs. 110.00

Flash paper -11%

Flash paper

Brilliant Flashes of Fire from Your Fingertips! Flash Paper, burns quickly and completely with brig..

Rs. 200.00 Rs. 179.00

Ice From Water -45%

Ice From Water

This is an effect that looks like a REAL miracle. The performer places a crystal clear glass or bow..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 249.00

Mental Power Ball -8%

Mental Power Ball

Super Mentalism Magic Trick The spectator is given a ball to hide in one of their hands. Using his..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 275.00

Micro Psychic -66%

Micro Psychic

Micro Psychic was one of the hits of the 2012 Blackpool Convention. See why Micro Psychic has recei..

Rs. 2,200.00 Rs. 749.00

Milk Jug -11%

Milk Jug

IMAGINE having a meal with friends. You pickup your mug filled with liquid, pour it into your mornin..

Rs. 200.00 Rs. 179.00

Motorized Matchbox Reel -20%

Motorized Matchbox Reel

This battery operated (uses 2 x AAA cells, supplied) matchbox reel has many uses for magicians. The ..

Rs. 500.00 Rs. 399.00

Multiplying Billiard Balls - Silver -21%

Multiplying Billiard Balls - Silver

A classic of magic! One Silver ball, held at the tips of the fingers, suddenly multiplies to two. A..

Rs. 150.00 Rs. 119.00

Multiplying bottles (8 bottles aluminum) -19%

Multiplying bottles (8 bottles aluminum)

The magician talks about the famous "Bottle and Glass" trick, showing two cylinders, one bottle and..

Rs. 2,400.00 Rs. 1,949.00

Mummy Mystery - Wood -17%

Mummy Mystery - Wood

The magician displays 3 mummies (red, yellow and blue) of equal size and shapes, and a wooden coffin..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 249.00

Necklace Mystery -9%

Necklace Mystery

Magician shows beautiful stand on which the necklace is displayed. He then removes the necklace and ..

Rs. 600.00 Rs. 549.00

Rainbow Rings -50%

Rainbow Rings

There are Rings in the magician's hands. And these three ring can be displayed all red color with do..

Rs. 200.00 Rs. 100.00

Ribbon fountain (35 meter) -20% Out Of Stock

Ribbon fountain (35 meter)

The magician produces a magic bowl from some production item. The bowl is kept on a table and short ..

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 199.00

Spirit Glass Round -7%

Spirit Glass Round

A clear glass disc approx. 2" in diameter is shown that as you state "will allow you to communicate ..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 279.00

Spirit Glass Square -10%

Spirit Glass Square

This is a very novel revelation of a "selected" card. This model in the form of a playing card is mo..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 269.00

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