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52 Explorations by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker 52 Explorations by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
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A secret sequel to one of Vanishing Inc.'s bestselling books is now available.As a young magician, Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Andi Gladwin studied alongside Jack Parker and the pair became close friends. Jack was a phenomenal card magician that regularly received praise from other world-class magi..
Rs. 5,549.00 Rs. 4,600.00
Acrylic (Large- 40 decks) Playing Card Display by TCC Acrylic (Large- 40 decks) Playing Card Display by TCC
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We spend a lot of time and energy collecting our favorite cards and understanding the story behind each deck of playing cards. Why not build them a display stand they deserve with your own hands?We both know "The Ikea effect", that is said when people buy and then construct products themselves, ..
Rs. 3,328.00 Rs. 2,990.00
AdSense (Gimmick & Online Instruction) by El Gran Bronzini & Nahuel Olivera AdSense (Gimmick & Online Instruction) by El Gran Bronzini & Nahuel Olivera
-24 %
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Beautifully simple, yet powerful magic doesn't happen very often, but it Ultimately comes down to creating a powerful fusion between the method and effect. You know a good trick, not when you see one, but when you experience it.This is the first trick, in a long time, where every magician who'..
Rs. 2,889.00 Rs. 2,200.00
Al Schneider Linking Rings by L&L Publishing - DVD
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Project Codeword: Quantum RingsFrom the L&L Underground Research FacilityThe goal for these experiments was to push the envelope of existing Linking Rings technology far beyond its normal limits. We believe these goals have been realized in the Quantum Rings project.You'll find two Linki..
Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 1,249.00
AUTOREVERSE 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain AUTOREVERSE 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain
-61 %
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I have presented this effect all over the world at meetings, conventions and close-up sessions and believe me, the effect always leaves a strong impression because:1. The spectators participateIn close-up, for example, give each of your spectators a card and ask them to do exactly the same a..
Rs. 3,237.00 Rs. 1,249.00
Avengers: Green Edition Playing Cards Avengers: Green Edition Playing Cards
-6 %
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Since the debut of Iron Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated the hearts and minds of loyal fans all over the world. Follow the eleven year journey of Marvel Studios' The Infinity Saga and the adventures of your all-time favorite heroes.Premium playing cards featuring all of ..
Rs. 900.00 Rs. 849.00
Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh Backstab by Zak Mirzadeh
-53 %
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Zak Mirzadeh's Backstab is the most impossible "Stab To Your Card" trick ever! Your spectator selects a card and loses it in the pack. With nothing more than your trusty pocket knife (or your spectator's pocket knife) - you stab straight to their selection for a miraculous "Card At Number" effect! ..
Rs. 2,549.00 Rs. 1,199.00
Bicycle Matador (Black) Playing Cards Bicycle Matador (Black) Playing Cards
-20 % Out Of Stock
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Live the essence of the great bullfights through these decks inspired by the popular festival born in Spain. The big bulls in the aces jump into the ring and fight for their survival against the brave toreadors armed with capes, spears and swords on the court cards or the picadors in the jokers. Met..
Rs. 999.00 Rs. 799.00
Bicycle Styx (White) Bicycle Styx (White)
-11 %
Stock: In Stock
Inspired by the Greek River Styx and the Styx Death's Head Hawk Moth, comes the Bicycle Styx Playing Cards (White).Conceived by Eric Ross, and custom designed by Nick Vlow, this deck reflects the tenuous balance between this world and the underworld.Beautiful in its symbolism because the des..
Rs. 729.00 Rs. 649.00
Black Art Project (2 DVD Set) by SansMinds Black Art Project (2 DVD Set) by SansMinds
-31 %
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Black Art is one of the oldest principles in magic. Throughout magic history, this principle was explored in the area of spiritual demonstration and gambling techniques in the early days.Many have forgotten this beautiful principle in the passage of time. However, various great performers have r..
Rs. 6,549.00 Rs. 4,500.00
Black Remedies Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider Black Remedies Playing Cards by Madison x Schneider
-12 %
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Madison and Schneider are going back to black with the Black Remedies Playing Cards. Packed with hidden secrets and built-in magic tricks, including an Angle Zero gaff and a series of hidden revelations with an incredible quality of stock. Madison and Schneider are so proud to present this minimally..
Rs. 1,349.00 Rs. 1,190.00
Broken Borders 2019 Broken Borders 2019
-11 %
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Our popular Broken Borders Playing Cards has returned with a brand-new colorway!Born out of its dangerous predecessor, the 2019 version of Broken Borders features the iconic stripes in handsome, elegant deep green against a sexy, fresh red, with vintage-looking borders and faces reminiscent of a..
Rs. 1,349.80 Rs. 1,199.00
Candle through silk
-27 %
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This is the complete new type of Candle Through Silk effect where in everything can be inspected both before and after the performance. You pass a pair of tubes with two pairs of holes on each tube and a pair of silks for inspection. The items are then retrieved from the audience and the silks are ..
Rs. 179.00 Rs. 130.00
Cardinals Euchre Playing Cards by Midnight Cards Cardinals Euchre Playing Cards by Midnight Cards
-28 %
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Cardinals EUCHRE Playing Cards: Popular in many parts of the world, especially the American Midwest, Euchre is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people - two teams of two.The Cardinals EUCHRE Deck features hand-drawn Cardinals imagery throughout the design and includes two ..
Rs. 900.00 Rs. 649.00
-32 %
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In coin magic, the use of ancient Chinese coins is oriental, traditional and elegant.After the N-series coin props are popular all over the world, I'm so honored to release a new product CCS, a high-quality coin shell set with Chinese charm.The Chinese coins in the product are the same as th..
Rs. 5,600.00 Rs. 3,799.00
Chameleon Champagne
-45 % Out Of Stock
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Simply cover the special water-filled champagne glass with a handkerchief, and the water transforms into red wine.Heavy drinkers at home? Cover it a second time, and the wine changes to amber-colored whiskey. Cover the glass again changes the whiskey into a green apple martini for the ladies. ..
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 249.00
Chao (Purple) Playing Cards by MPC Chao (Purple) Playing Cards by MPC
-8 %
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WHAT IS CHAO?China's extraordinary history dates back to more than 5000 years and provides a rich collection of royal subjects which forms the basis of the Chao Playing Cards. The Han Purple edition CHAO playing cards has a limited production run of 2500.Over the lengthy span of Chinese hist..
Rs. 1,249.00 Rs. 1,149.00
Clear Force Bag
-22 %
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As its name implies, the clear force bad is completely see-through. Spectators will never guess that they do not have a free choice. The bag has three compartments, so you can force more than one object at a time. Use it to force such things as cards, coins, silks, numbers, colors, or anything you c..
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 39.00
Coin Vanishing Stand
-20 %
Stock: In Stock
This is new version of classic coin vanishing stand, made in wood.You place up to four coins...or any other pocket size coin, onto this nice display stand. One by one you then pick them up from the stand in full view of the audience ... toss them up into the air as they magically vanish.Very..
Rs. 249.00 Rs. 199.00
Color Changing Bottles
-18 %
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Effect : The performer displays a black bottle, and pours out a drink from this. He covers the bottle with a cylinder shown  clearly through as  empty. When  the cylinder is lifted away, the bottle has changed to a vivid orange. Again a drink is poured from this, and the bottle covered by the cy..
Rs. 2,200.00 Rs. 1,799.00
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