Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic
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Color Choice

The color choice is an excellent prop item for magicians on stage or party shows, You can use the co..

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Color Me a Hat Out Of Stock

Color Me a Hat

Beautifully made in durable plastic board this will last a lifetime and is a great trick as well. I ..

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Color Sense Wands

The magician shows three Magic Wands of three different colors, - red, green, and blue. These are ha..

Rs. 19.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 19.00

Color vision

A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names ..

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Compass Clock

Based on the classic Chinese Compass principle, this is a cute and new pocket novelty you can presen..

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Crystal Thought Condenser

Effect;  "A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck of cards.  The performer displays a small..

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Cups and balls (Aluminum)

A basic routine is the triple penetration of the balls through the inverted cup and onto the table s..

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Dice Atomizer

A clear capped capsule with a black die inside is given a shake. The die disintegrates into several ..

Rs. 39.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 39.00

Diminishing cards

After performing a series of card effects, the performer begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a lig..

Rs. 119.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 119.00

Dream Lock

We supply you what appears to be a regular Reset able Combination Padlock, which is normally opened ..

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ESP Magic (Book & Deck)

The ESP Deck is a set of 25 symbol cards. Originally designed by Dr. Joseph Rhine in 1927 to test ex..

Rs. 119.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 119.00

Fantastic Finger Chopper

A great close up trick , that makes performer idle for minutes. Display a wooden blade and stocks-ev..

Rs. 379.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 379.00

Finger Chopper

A nice trick that makes everyone amazed. The blade cuts the cigarette, but passes magically through ..

Rs. 199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 199.00

Fish Production Gimmick -33%

Fish Production Gimmick

Goldfish production gimmick the best gimmick in 20th century. Producing a goldfish from a bill i..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 300.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 300.00

Flash Dice Out Of Stock

Flash Dice

1. Six dice are placed into a small case at random and covered with a lid and shaken. 2. When the l..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Floating lady

You display a printed picture postcard (5.5" x 3.5"), with the picture of a magician, and a lady lyi..

Rs. 29.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 29.00

Floating Match Stick

The Magician displays a playing card and borrows a matchstick from a spectator. The matchstick is pl..

Rs. 29.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 29.00

Flying Coins

A remarkable visual close-up effect: Two vases are emptied to show eight 2p coins. Four coins are pl..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

Flying Spoon

The magician shows one spoon which magically multiplies into two. Then, amazingly, one more spoon ap..

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Ghost Key

The performer displays the Ghost Key - a large key that he invites his audience to examine to their ..

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Golden Key

Golden Key - a powerful close-up effect designed to exclusive for!, close up A solid brass key, is h..

Rs. 349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 349.00

Grand Master Card Deck

Every magician must have this mark deck. Amazing card trick which can be perform anywhere any time,..

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Half by Lyndon Jugalbot ( VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

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HD Thumb Tip (Jumbo)

All new HD Thumb-tip looks like The Real Human Thumb. Thumbtips aren't designed to be..

Rs. 89.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00

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