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Close-Up Magic

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The magician take out a bag with a voodoo kit, a voodoo doll, needles, and left a letter inside the bag, and left it untouched.Then the magician asks the spectator to freely choose how many needles he/she wants to use and asks to freely stab it at the voodoo doll at any spot he/she desires.A..
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Ghost Pips by Izzat Dzid & Peter Eggink Ghost Pips by Izzat Dzid & Peter Eggink
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Have a card selected by your spectator and return it to the pack.Next, you show your "prediction" card, sealed inside a zip-lock bag, to conceal it from any outside influences. Unfortunately the prediction card doesn't match the spectator's selection...Now for the fun part, eerily and ghostl..
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Card To Wallet (IN) Card To Wallet (IN)
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A signed card visually jumps from the deck to your wallet.The effect is that a spectator selects a card from a freely shuffled pack and marks the card with a pen with his or her initials. It is returned to the deck and, after he has shuffled the cards, the performer removes his wallet from his p..
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Four Same Number cards are shown face up.The magician puts them together in a packet, and as heThis same move is repeated and each time the following card appears face down while the previous one is face up.The back changes from blue to red, and in the end, each back has a different co..
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Master Mind Cards ( Pocket Size )
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Master Mind Cards are classic magic Tricks Now in poker size card version.  A strong mental effect using cards suitable for closeup/walkaround use. The performer places aside an envelope, which he claims is a prediction.  He now fans and displays a dozen different cards.  He turns the packet..
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The Servante is a close-up magician's most important utility device!This secret assistant helps you ditch, steal, switch or retract items which is essential for vanishes, appearances and changes of all kinds.The Possibilities are endless It creates a secret space behind the table for yo..
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This is a very popular effect.We now offer you new model for this effect, every bit as good and effective in working, but single pen, considerably enhance effect.Performer shows a currency Bill (which may be borrowed) and a ball point pen. He taps the Bill with the pen, then pushes it righ..
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An ORDINARY OBJECT. A SNAP of the FINGERS. A VISUALLY VOLATILE RESTORATION. Best part? It’s INCREDIBLY EASY to do.One of the most popular new tricks in recent years.When you take a bite of this VERY SPECIAL cookie it'll VISIBLY restore itself! You reach into a pack of cookies and pull a ..
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A fascinating psychological phenomenon. A perfect mentalism routine.Predict the future using a simple psychological experiment that your audience won’t see coming. this effect blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time. This is The Stroop Test.Ef..
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Magic Drawer box Magic Drawer box
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The magician shows a small drawer Box with the red ball inside, he then takes the drawer out and shows the red ball freely.  the cover is also empty. Now places the drawer inside the case and says magic words “ABARA KA BADARA”When the case reopened magically red ball turns into the Blue ..
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Morgan Coin Ring (Medium) Morgan Coin Ring (Medium)
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Morgan Coin Ring (Medium) by Alchemist Metal CompanyFrom the company that brought you the worldwide sold-out product "Monarch", comes Morgan Ring!Why do you need a coin ring you say? Well, there are many reasons! For those coin and ring magicians out there, having your coin magically melt in..
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Unlocked By Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic Unlocked By Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic
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Unlocked is a special app that makes your lock screen an ingenious and undetectable way to get information from your spectator.Phase 1You will be able to give your spectator the ability to unlock your phone:- They can unlock your phone by guessing your code. - They can unlock your phone..
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The Impossible Case The Impossible Case
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One of the most impossible magic trick ever seen. The magician shows the spectators a tiny briefcase.He puts it down on the table, opens it up, and produces a full size real golf ball from it. The golf ball is much bigger than the brief case, and it seems impossible that such a large ball co..
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Spider Pen X (Gimmicks and online instructions) by Yigal Mesika Spider Pen X (Gimmicks and online instructions) by Yigal Mesika
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The most practical, highest-performing motorized reel ever created!As the leading pioneer in levitation technology, nobody knows this field better than the motorized reel maestro himself: Yigal Mesika. Imagine yourself performing jaw-dropping, eye-popping levitations, and drawing gasps of astoni..
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Load a signed card in the zip compartment without palming them.The perfect wallet for those who want to load a card into a zipped pocket inside a wallet without having to palm a card. This is an everyday carry wallet for magicians, who perform card-to-wallet, peek wallet, or simply  load a s..
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You can open the box- but they can't!This is a puzzle and a magic trick!  This is a precision-made wooden box, handcrafted and it has a very clever gimmick.  show the box empty, Borrow a coin or a small ring from your spectator. Place the item in the box. Close the box, and lock it wi..
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This is a close-up version of a classic Maurice Fogel can perform many different routines with these utility bag sets.Best mentalism effect for closeup & parlor or even stage situations.Imagine, while your back is turned, four spectators each pick a different flavored sweet an..
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A spectator selects four cards from a deck of playing cards.The performer shows two small plastic chips with "?" marks printed on their four sides.He gently rubs the chips keeping one on the other and the "?" marks magically change to pictures of four different playing cards (AS, QH, KC, and..
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The perfect ESP effect for couples!A volunteer cuts a few cards from a shuffled ESP deck and hands over the remaining cards to the performer.The performer deals 5 Cards onto the table. The volunteer then takes the top card, remembers it, inserts it back into the stack & it is then placed ins..
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N6 Coin Set by N2G N6 Coin Set by N2G
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Since 2013, we have released N series coin props, followed by N2, N3 N4 and N5, they were so popular in the world. But today, in less than a year we followed up with a really great prop, N6.N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different with the previous versio..
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