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Close-Up Magic

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The new PK ring has all the same qualities as previous rings, Solid as oak, and as pretty as silk, this Black ring is shaped like a regular slim wedding band.For those of you wondering 'Why ANOTHER P.K. Ring?'... the answer is simple. YOU, the customer wanted more power and colors. YOU, the cust..
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The Bat System has brought mentalism onto a whole new level with a brand new principle.Bats are precise hunters in the dark thanks to their ability to emit ultrasonic sounds that produce echoes. Similar to bats, the Bat System makes use of UHD radio waves to gain information for you.It's fas..
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"A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius." - Christian GraceMAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators.Effect: Y..
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N5 Coin Set by N2G N5 Coin Set by N2G
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In 2014, we released N3 and N4, sold more than 3500 units, during that time, the coin magic circle around the world were talking about these two coin props.Today, 7 years later, we have a newly upgraded coin prop N5.N5 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is upgraded bas..
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Mini Rising Card Mini Rising Card
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This is a Mini pocket version of the classic magic amazing Rising card Effect.Perform it anywhere always ready to perform  easy to carry Clean and effective (Effect) Magician asks the spectator to choose one card and memorize it, then the chosen card is returned to the middle..
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In 2019, we created the world smallest smoke device “Nothing 2.0” and it instantly became the most popular smoke device that year. After 2 years of hard work, the next generation of our compact smoke device is finally ready, we are pleasure to introduce you – Nothing GEN3.The compact size does n..
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P-lotto by Michael Murray P-lotto by Michael Murray
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"This is an amazing effect. Really strong!" - Javier O."I don't do a lot of mentalism but everything Michael puts out gets my attention. Plotto is another brilliant piece from MM, and Plotto is a killer routine for Parlor shows. Love it!!!" - Brian O."Just received mine in the mail today. ..
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AVailable in stock Introducing Anverdi's COLOR MATCH.DUPLICATE the EXACT colored drawing your audience member has created, plus SO much more! Read minds with a press of a button.Anverdi's Color Match pens can now be placed in ANY cup, glass or pen holder! You can even have your audienc..
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SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullicas wallet SuperSlim Hip Pocket Mullicas wallet
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Created by by Paul Harris and Tim TronoCountless Pros have tried every conceivable “Card to Wallet” out there and almost always end up using The Mullica Wallet. It’s just hard to improve on perfection.You don’t even need a deck! With Paul Harris’ routine, you just borrow an ID card, and a mo..
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JENZO: The most original reveal ever?JENZO allows you to predict a selected card or number. In the most puzzling of ways. Magicians and puzzles go together like, well, Chris Ramsay and Youtube subscribers. JENZO is a brand new idea in magic. A beautiful leather pouch (included) is brough..
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NOMAD RING Mark II ( Bitcoin Gold ) by Avi Yap NOMAD RING Mark II ( Bitcoin Gold ) by Avi Yap
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VISUALLY transform a coin into a ring WITH NO COVERS and vice versa!In early 2020, Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap have been working on a groundbreakingly visual coin and ring routine. They wanted something that was DIRECT, INSANELY VISUAL and yet something that was EXTREMELY EASY to do. That was Nom..
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Looking for a card trick, for close-up or parlor situation. This is the best choice, easy simple and effectiveYou start the Performance by showing 4 blank cards from the back and front by fanning them,Now Introduce another two cards with face ace and 5 of a spade. replace the top bla..
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It ALWAYS Points to the Right! This trick is ideal for being performed on the camera as well as to a live audience.How can this arrow, which always points right no matter how you turn it, actually exist?Professor Kokichi Sugihara once again proves he's the greatest illusion inventor of o..
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In coin magic, the use of ancient Chinese coins is oriental, traditional and elegant.After the N-series coin props are popular all over the world, I'm so honored to release a new product CCS, a high-quality coin shell set with Chinese charm.The Chinese coins in the product are the same as th..
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Every mentalist needs ESP cards in their toolkit and now you can own one of the greatest ESP decks ever devised.Eclipse is a secretly marked deck of 25 ESP cards (+ gaffs) meaning that YOU know which card your spectator is holding at any time by secretly glimpsing the marks on the back. But thes..
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To the Point by Mark Lemon To the Point by Mark Lemon
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To the Point is the famous tossed out deck in book form – but unlike the tossed out deck, it can also be done close-up, one-on-one.To the Point is:Easy to learn It’s fast It’s simple to perform It feels normal It allows for unlimited hits It can fit in your pocket It can be pe..
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Quiver by Kelvin Chow Quiver by Kelvin Chow
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An Ellusionist Original … QUIVER SWITCHES THINGS FOR YOU Quiver is a revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard-looking coin pouch.Granting you the power to switch any small object for another automatically.The second the wallet closes, it's DONE.T..
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QUIVER PLUS SWITCHES THINGS FOR YOUQuiver Plus is a revolutionary new switching device that is disguised as a standard-looking coin pouch.Granting you the power to switch any small object for another automatically.The second the wallet closes, it's DONE.The most unbelievable part of ..
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This classic of magic is beautifully turned from selected wood and then coated with a red color to give it a rich shine.Nowadays it's hard to find wonderful props and apparatus with classic magical history. so we started creating a few of them in a highest quality material.This model is fine..
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Wild Card ( 7 Cards) Wild Card ( 7 Cards)
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Leave your spectators stunned with this Wild Card Magic Trick!Wild Card is a popular packet (small pack of cards) trick by the legendary Frank Garcia. The trick is so good that he wrote a whole book about it!The classic routine is this:SIX cards of the same value are placed on the table..
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