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Topsy Turvey Color Changing Plumes

Topsy Turvey Color Changing Plumes

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The magician shows three plumes all of which are colored yellow. These are passed behind his back, one at a time, and change to three different colors. The apparatus supplied consists of three special mechanical feather plumes.

You can show a yellow single plume, with the plume on top and the handle beneath. Pass this behind your back, turning it over, and show the handle is on top and the plume is below it. The audience will "boo" you, as they are unimpressed. Repeat this once or twice, then show the plume has changed into an entirely different color.

Have the three plumes in a glass or stand all showing yellow. Pick these up one at a time, pass them behind your back, and change them all to different colored plumes.

You can mimic the regular color changing plumes routine with this set, and fool those who have an idea about the old version. Show three yellow plumes and a piece of paper. Roll the paper into a tube and push the plume in at the handle end, as in the normal color changing plumes. The plume changes color as it goes in. Now spin the tube in the air, then unroll it to show the plume has changed to an entirely different color.

This is an extremely easy and effective mechanical item. With a little presentation effort you will get a lot of worth from this item.

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