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Magicians Wax

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Magicians Wax

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There are 100s of tricks that require "Magician's Wax", but most magicians don't know where to get a supply, or how to make this.
We now have this available in a handy container - with enough Wax for 100s of uses (1000s, since you can use the same wax over and over again). It is a refined and specially treated form of Bees Wax, which you can use ..
to anchor ends of threads for close-up work. (Ideal for use with Invisible Thread)

to temporarily make two cards stick together, a great way to "vanish" a selected card in a deck by placing it over a wax treated card
to treat an Envelope flap, so it can be easily opened and re-sealed
to fix a coin under a card, or treat a card so it can steal a coin when placed over the coin
to temporarily attach pictures, or coins on a blank paddle for paddle effects ..

And for many other similar uses ..

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