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Miracle Die Box

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Miracle Die Box

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The Die Box is one of the classics of magic - and thisminiature version uses a die only 1" in size, (see the size in comparisonto a normal match box!) but hasall the features of its "bigger brother" at less than one twentieththe price! 

The performer displays a solid die and an empty box with two compartments. Thedie is placed in one compartment, the doors closed, and when opened, the die isseen to have vanished. The audience is not impressed - they have heard the dieslide to the adjacent compartment. This is repeated over and over, till theperformer opens all doors, to show the die has indeed vanished from the box,only to re-appear in the performer's pocket, or someplace else. 

This miniature model is very well finished in plastic, and has all the featuresof the much more expensive regular sets, including the "noise" as thedie slides from one compartment to the other. It comes to you complete withinstructions - you can now carry this classic in your pocket, and perform itany time, any place, for any audience!

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