Change Bag Improved

New Change Bag Improved

The easy way to make items appear and vanish!

The Change Bag is a classic utility prop for making items disappear- or appear! Now with Improved Large Object Production system.

Now Show bag empty all the time and produce real soft drink bottle or a wine bottle from the bag.

It's VERY easy!

The basic Change Bag effect: place an item in the bag. Instantly turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished! The item can also be made to reappear if desired.

And you can use your Change Bag to exchange one item for another. Show the bag empty, put a blue silk into it. Reach in- the blue silk has now become a red one! Great for doing a Blendo routine, Mismade Flag, etc.

Now after showing effect show bag empty from inside and outside. Put your hand inside the bag and Pull Full real soda bottle or wine bottle from the bag, you can even offer it to your audience.   

Special Load Taking mechanism allows the magician to produce Solid Objects from the bag.

Comes only Improved Single Change bag and instruction sheet.

Silks are NOT included, but you can purchase silks at! 

We do have Several different styles of Change Bags please check our website for Details.

Note – it is required to wear a coat or jacket while using this trick.

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