Middle Diddle Silk

Middle Diddle Silk

Hey Diddle Diddle, the silk jumps to the middle!

Effect: The magician displays a board with three sections, showing three holes. The two end sections are red and yellow, with a zebra-print middle. A silk handkerchief is passed through the hole in the end red section. The board is passed behind the performer's back, and it is found the silk has jumped to the opposite end, now appearing in the hole in the yellow section. This is repeated again, and the audience soon tells you that you are turning the board around behind your back!

The performer acts surprised at the accusation of cheating, and passes the board behind his back once again. When this is brought to the front it is found that the silk is now tied through the hole in the middle of the board, proving the silk really does jump magically from hole to hole!

A compact flat model, similar to the popular Monkey Bar sucker-effect. Don’t underestimate how much FUN you can have with a cardboard panel and a single silk handkerchief...this will have your audience shouting out and interacting, before being wowed by the finale!

BONUS: FREE 13 inch red silk included with this prop. Ideal to vanish into a thumb tip!

Performance tip 1: We recommend that you act as surprised as the audience when the silk jumps to the middle. Or you can let a child say a magic word or wave a wand which causes the silk to jump visibly, giving them the magic ability instead. Never leave the audience feeling that you have made fools of them!

Performance tip 2: Don't feel you have to give an explanation as to what this prop is. People expect magicians to have this sort of thing. However if you want say that this is your new wand or hanky holder.

  • Lightweight prop, that packs flat and small but plays big (even fits in your jacket pocket for walk about close-up magic) 
  • Simplified version of the Monkey Bar trick, which gets the same reactions
  • Encourages interaction, with a great kicker ending 
  • Colourful props
  • Easy to do

The classic packs flat plays big comedy magic ideal for school assemblies, services, community and youth events

You will receive: Colourful printed gimmicked board (11x4 inch), red 100% silk handkerchief and full written instructions with a routine.

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