Key Bender Gimmick

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Key Bender Gimmick

Key Bender Gimmick Bending metals, apparently with the power of your mind makes for an extremely intriguing demonstration. 

Performers like Uri Geller have used similar demonstrations to get headline coverage, like few other magic tricks can. Like the best magic trick, the secrets are simple and fool proof. 

You require a modest amount of handling practice, and your entire focus on the presentation, to sell this to your audience as a demonstration of psychic ability, and not just another magic trick. 

The Key Bender gimmick we supply is a simple "tool" which will enable you to bend most standard Yale type keys. It gives you the necessary grip and leverage to enable you to perform this apparent miracle. 

The gimmick supplied is made of steel, and powder coated. It is attached to a length of elastic with a pin, acting very much like a pull, so the gimmick is pulled out of sight, (up your sleeve, or behind your back) when not in use. But you don't have to wear a shirt or coat with sleeves to use this - we give you a handling that will enable you to use it even with a sleeveless singlet or vest ! 

The mechanics of using the gimmick are very simple. And each gimmick comes with detailed instructions for its use, and presentation.

Use your own any flat Key.

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