posted on 02/11/2013
ashu - nashik
This is the best place for shopping magic in India.
I don't know how i got along so many years without
coming to this site.
the best site ever.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 24/10/2013
Rajesh L G - Hyderabad
Appreciate your sweet, polite customer care. The icing on the cake is the speedy delivery as per promise. Best Wishes, Capt. Raj, Hyderabad.
posted on 30/09/2013
venkatesh - trichy
i have already appreciated the speed of delivery. the service you provide and your interaction with the costumer is too good.
posted on 25/09/2013
Akshay Kumar - Ranchi
I would have to say that when I watched david blaine, dynamo, chris angles, I also wanted to do some of that stuff. I have done many card tricks but I wanted more. So I saw randomly this site for magic products. A great online magic source. I recommend all who want to do like david blaine should come to this site. Speedy product delivery. Million star
posted on 05/09/2013
Gagan - gurgaon
Hey nikhil magic shop is a grt
Place to shop for such products at better rates and what I liked the most is that I would have called 5 times to enquire abt the different products
I was very clearly thoroughly explained the working of these products which convinced me to buy from them
Products were delivered in right time and in very good working condition

Was not satisfied with one single product which was also replaced without any fuss

Excellent experience shopping at nikhil magic shop

Highly recommend
***** 5 stars
posted on 29/08/2013
V.Gunasekaran, - Dharmapuri
Those who raise all the above is not because of sheer luck. I feel that it is due to hard work , dedication , product quality, customer satisfaction , promptness in service, user friendly and at an affordable price. The web site is more informative, and service is excellent . With best Magical Wishes,
posted on 27/08/2013
Sandeepan Choudhury - CoochBehar,West Bengal
This is the first online magic shop from where i have purchased and will keep on purchasing from them.They have an excellent customer service, i was having little problem with the coupon code which they solved in minutes and also answered to all my mails and also they even called me to regarding some problems and solved it too.I recommend them to everyone who are purchasing for the first time and believe me you wont be disappointed.
posted on 21/08/2013
Sachin - Bangalore
I happened to initially buy at Nikhil's Magic Shop because I consider Ninad a close friend.
Everything about Nikhil's is amazing like Magic !!! The website, pricing, quality,ease of ordering, delivery and most importantly Nikhil's Magic Shop provides the human touch to Magic...Thanks..I will keep referring you everywhere...
posted on 19/08/2013
Peter Fernandis - Goa
You guys really pull me back into the magic, few time back I’m completely detached to magic but your Product encourage me to do magic again.

I really can’t explain how much I appreciate all of you at NMS & I am absolutely delighted at the quality of services. Way to go.
posted on 12/08/2013
Roshan Khanna - Jaipur
You guys have always been very professional, offering great quality merchandise. (Not a bunch of junk, like some places) My orders have always arrived early, and your staff is always willing to help. I consider the magic community as a sort of family, and you are definitely not the irritating cousin! Thanks for everything. I will always do business with you and thanks for what you are doing for magic...
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