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Rising Card - Closeup Rising Card - Closeup
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The Rising card is always Truely Impossible and visual trick in magic history.We proudly Present you close up version of a classic rising card effect. in effect, the performer asks the spectator to select any card randomly, now he draws one card on a pocket-size notepad, which is not the aud..
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This is a great opener!Super visual! Show an Rs. 500 Bill and there is NOTHING else in your hand, crumple up the bill and it instantly produces a HUGE 36" Rs. 500 Silk!Perform surrounded! Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves, Suit, Dress...bathing suit!!Packs FLAT and plays HUGE! Easy to do! ..
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NOMAD RING Mark II ( Bitcoin Gold ) by Avi Yap NOMAD RING Mark II ( Bitcoin Gold ) by Avi Yap
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VISUALLY transform a coin into a ring WITH NO COVERS and vice versa!In early 2020, Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap have been working on a groundbreakingly visual coin and ring routine. They wanted something that was DIRECT, INSANELY VISUAL and yet something that was EXTREMELY EASY to do. That was Nom..
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A classic of classic's, Tom Burgoon's Power Pickpocket has been a powerful piece in the arsenal of many stage performers over the past few decades.With Tom's blessing, Spencer Kennard now brings you the next iteration in this solid piece of visual magic - with EASY MONEY.Not only can it recr..
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This is, without question, the most visual Rubik's Cube-solve ever created. You hold a mixed cube still, between your hands. And instantly, visually, and without cover, it melts into a solved cube. There are no elastics and no apparent movement. It's as if the stickers just shift into the right posi..
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Quick, Visual & effective,Chain through card is a very visual effect that can be performed in front of a live audience or on camera.This simple effect is easy to carry and perform.The magician shows a single card ace of the club from front and back, now he takes a small chain and puts..
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We see a lot of magic….A LOT OF MAGIC.But, few tricks shock us in ways like This. When we first started seeing this mind-boggling transformation circulating on TikTok, Instagram —we were blown away. And now, we are thrilled to share it with you. At it’s core, the effect is quite straightforward...
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SKETCH MONEY by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro SKETCH MONEY by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro
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Making money magically appear always astonishes the audience.Thanks to the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro, that classic is now better than ever!In this illusion, the magician shows a pad and sketches a bill.Suddenly the drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming..
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Looking at something visual magic to perform on online shows.The Matrix card effect is one of the best and highly visual Magic Trick best for you.Now the classic Moving Coin Effect is with playing cards.Imagine you ask the spectator to select a card randomly. Take their selected card ..
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The performer is attired in a white waistcoat. He waves a parasol in front of him, and the waistcoat has changed to green. This is repeated, and the waistcoat is now yellow and then red. Then back to any of these colors, and so on, as often as you wish.The Color changing waistcoat is a mechanica..
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Twister Flavor (Trident)
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So magical it looks like a camera trick - but it's real! Twister Flavor creates a fun and exciting transformation for your spectators. Surprise them when they see your gum and magically BOOM!!! It's become another brand of gum and flavor. An impressive visual moment that happens in a BLINK -..
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Make your show more colorful, visual and attractive.Produce full-size flower stem in the stand just in second.Effect: Magician comes with 3 feet black magic stick in his hand. Then he touches stick to the empty silver stand on stage, visually black magic stick turns into yellow colored silk ..
Rs. 1,779.00
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