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Change a bill into ANYTHING... at the speed of light.Nemo & Hanson Chien are known for stunning visuals and high-quality gimmicks.After dominating the industry earlier this year with T-1000 (launched in partnership with Ellusionist) it's clear, they are unstoppable.E=MC² is their latest ..
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Making money magically appear always astonishes the audience.Thanks to the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro, that classic is now better than ever!In this illusion, the magician shows a pad and sketches a bill.Suddenly the drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming..
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Looking at something visual magic to perform on online shows.The Matrix card effect is one of the best and highly visual Magic Trick best for you.Now the classic Moving Coin Effect is with playing cards.Imagine you ask the spectator to select a card randomly. Take their selected card ..
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Remember the shiver down your spine when you first saw The Rose Act on AGT? It was a historical moment. The elegance and impossible visual took the public world by storm, and the innovative thinking behind the magic led everybody in our community to talk about it.After the show was aired, Will g..
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For centuries, camera technology undergoes back-to-back dramatic transformations, all to fulfill one human obsession: to immortalize their best moments.That brings us to printed photos. Though substantial, they are a relic of the past. Once taken, nothing inside is changeable, or photoshopped. B..
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Blankrupt by Josh Janousky
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Blankrupt Thick Strip UK Version (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Josh JanouskyYou borrow a spectator's credit card -- any color or style will work -- and with a wave of your hand, you cause the markings to disappear completely. You are left with a clear credit card that can be immediately ..
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The performer is attired in a white waistcoat. He waves a parasol in front of him, and the waistcoat has changed to green. This is repeated, and the waistcoat is now yellow and then red. Then back to any of these colors, and so on, as often as you wish.The Color changing waistcoat is a mechanica..
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Make your show more colorful, visual and attractive.Produce full-size flower stem in the stand just in second.Effect: Magician comes with 3 feet black magic stick in his hand. Then he touches stick to the empty silver stand on stage, visually black magic stick turns into yellow colored silk ..
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This is the same Biting A COIN effect you've seen David Blaine do on TV!YES! Borrow a Coin of Rs.1. Place it in your mouth and bite on it. You've bitten out a section with your teeth! With a blowing motion, the missing piece immediately reappears! The coin can be examined and returned to the ow..
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