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Auto Change Mirror Tube Auto Change Mirror Tube
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It's Quick and SimpleChange anything quickly like paper to currency, red silk to green, 20th-century silk effect, etc... Here's a magical way to change several objects into different objects! Show a beautiful, cylindrical tube to be empty.Place several silk scarves of different colors in..
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utility envelope switches for the working Mentalist.If you are searching for the simple & organic looking prop to switch folded paper or card, this is the one easy and perfect tool.Effect: Magician shows a deck of a playing card and asks the spectator to shuffle and select any one card rando..
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Time for a ‘change’? Predict, switch, restore and more!A wonderfully useful magic prop.'I've never owned a billet box before and took the plunge on this due to the price and I wasn't disappointed. Its the perfect size for my business cards and the ideas are flowing already!' Matthew Town..
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The Impossible Switch Envelope is a specially designed envelope that allows you to perform prediction effects, ConFabulation effects or even perform a Cards Across type effect.A spectator holds an envelope with a prediction inside. Randomly chosen audience members freely name anything; foods, tr..
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M-Case Red (DVD and Gimmick) by Mickael Chatelain
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"If you are trying to decide which of several available card-switching boxes is for you, M-Case wouldn't be a bad choice."THE 100% AUTOMATIC CARD CASE GIMMICK!!VISIBLY CHANGE ANY CARD, BILL OR BUSINESS CARD. YOU CAN EVEN LET THE SPECTATOR DO THE ENTIRE EFFECT IN THEIR OWN HANDS!TORN..
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Endless choices of effects can be done with this box. For example: you ask for paper money from a spectator (let's say a Rs. 500 bill), you tell him to fold it and place into the small clear box for safe keeping. The box, which is attached to a ribbon, then hangs around his neck in full view. You wr..
Rs. 1,199.00
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