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Make Your Choice ( Pre-Order ) Make Your Choice ( Pre-Order )
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Releasing date 18th OctThis is Pre-Order Trick, you can place an order and reserve it now actual shipping will be Near 30th Oct. ( if you are adding other tricks with this, all tricks will get shipped after the arrival of this pre-ordered trick, we suggest you order it separately to avoid de..
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A neat little pocket trick you can do anytime anywhere.Display a ribbon passing through 2 plastic blocks. As you pull from one side and then the other, you can clearly see the ribbon pass through both blocks.Now take a blade or card and “cut” the ribbon in the middle. Swivel the blocks and t..
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As a performer, Julio Montoro has been always looking for the final way to do one of his favourite effects: the ring flight. But he wanted it to be as if it was real magic. In his mind, the spectator needed to hold the keys in their hands from the beginning. Now, in 2021, after four years of improve..
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As seen on Netflix's "Magic for Humans"!When traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. Among the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen and the crowd went crazy with a range of emotions: Screaming. Covering their eyes. Laughing. Silently dazzled.You..
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Easy to do and very visual, this trick is suitable for both adults and children! PLM (Prety Little Men) is a new kind of card trick. Created by Vincent Roca, you will immediately see the potential when you have the deck in your hand!The magician introduces a rather special set of cards because e..
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Swordlace is a classic card effect that has stood the test of time.Not only is the effect strong and direct, but having the cards spring up into the air and shower to the ground as the effect happens psychologically signifies the finale and wraps the entire performance.It's a beautiful plot ..
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Legend - Joe Rindfleisch's Rainbow Rubber Bands (Combo Pack) Legend - Joe Rindfleisch's Rainbow Rubber Bands (Combo Pack)
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Professional performance rubber bands for the discerning magician. These rubber bands stand out and help draw attention to you and your magic.The Legend Pack is the perfect choice with 6 new vibrant colors included in each bag. Each band is coated with Elastraflex which makes the bands stronger ..
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For centuries, camera technology undergoes back-to-back dramatic transformations, all to fulfill one human obsession: to immortalize their best moments.That brings us to printed photos. Though substantial, they are a relic of the past. Once taken, nothing inside is changeable, or photoshopped. B..
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Flat Pack Blue (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jason KnowlesThe Flat Pack appearance was pure eye candy, then Jason pulled the cards out of it and I could have punched him it was so good!!" - Ben Williams"This is the ultimate 'Packs Small, Plays Big' effect!" - Eric Jones"I've see..
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The brilliant evolution of Deep Astonishment PAUL HARRIS PRESENTS DEEP CLEAR THEIR FAVORITE WORD IS INSIDE YOUR CLEAR WALLET! Paul Harris' Clearest Deepest Astonishment is a bullet-proof Masterpiece. A window-ID-wallet VISIBLY holding a small packet of cards is placed on the table.  ..
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Imagine the Possibilities…We are often called upon to perform magic during times we least expect. Today's spectators have proven to be more difficult to fool than ever before.Chase the Ace is the illusion you can take wherever you go. Chase the Ace uses one of magic's best-kept ..
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Ignition by Chris Smith (Download + Gimmick)
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Two things you always have in your pocket (keys and money) come together for an explosive miracle. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.Hand-made by Chris Smith himself, Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a spec..
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