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Slate of mind was created by U.F.Grant in the 1940s. An excellent effect, that we are pleased to re-introduceThe Magician shows a slate which has 6 cards face down, clipped three on each side. Corresponding to the cards are the serial numbers 1 to 6 on the slate. The rear side of the slate holds..
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Psypher PRO by Robert Smith Psypher PRO by Robert Smith
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The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."By far, best impression device I've ever used." - Platt "This thing is freakin awesome." - Cameron Francis "This is the last impression device you will ever need." - D..
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The "UPD", a new product that will create amazing and direct results for your performances. The UPD (Universal Peek Device) will transform your normal wallet into an amazing tool for casual and professional performances. This flat and small leather business card holder fits in any credit card compa..
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PSI POWER by Secret Factory PSI POWER by Secret Factory
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After 3 years of development, the mind that brought you WINNERS DICE is proud to present PSI-POWER, the revolutionary remote-control system. Imagine having the ability to control objects from over 15 feet away! PSI-POWER is a revolutionary gimmick that you can take with you anywhere and seemingl..
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Quick Peek Envelope Quick Peek Envelope
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This is the one you need, to Perform mind-reading. This is one of the most useful Utility Device in mentalism, with this you can do many effects like mind reading, prediction, drawing duplication, etc.There are many peek devices available like wallets, envelopes, boxes, electronic devices. ..
Rs. 149.00
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