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Telethought Wallet ( Original ) by Chris Kenworthy Telethought Wallet ( Original ) by Chris Kenworthy
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TeleThought Wallet is one of the most diabolical utility devices in magic. Its potential is limitless.As they say “the sky is the limit,” here. Virtually any “mind-reading effect” can be performed with the “TeleThought Wallet.” Design duplication, book tests, telepath experiments can now be pres..
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Tera No tear Pad Tera No tear Pad
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A very clever prop that you can carry around in your pocket that will allow you to perform many Mind-Blowing feats of mental-ism. You can use it for close up or even on stage. The presentations you can do with this once you know the little secret will be limited only by your imagination.Contains..
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Domino Prediction knocks the spots of other mentalism routines. Comedy magic routine with a kicker of an ending.The spectator is asked to create their own domino using a blank domino and magnetic spots. Will they design a domino with six spots on one side and a single spot on the other, or four ..
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A new unique way to reveal your prediction.Easy to doThe magician starts with an envelope, in this envelope he has a picture of his assistant, a funny man who is going to perform magic today.Now magician takes a deck of shuffled playing cards and asks the spectator to select any o..
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Really startling effect gets a shocked and amazed reaction from your audience every time!This new idea will be able to create the most amazing routines. The possibilities are endless. Test your creativity and accept the challenge to perform an original and unique act.We supply you trick with..
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Third Eye ( Mobile App ) Third Eye ( Mobile App )
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 Looking for a multipurpose mentalism tool?Here is One the THRID EYE, it is not just another mobile application it’s an idea that can be used in many ways.Like to perform which hand effect, color pen prediction, ESP symbol prediction, mind-reading, Russian roulette, and many more …Th..
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Easy to do mindreading trick that fits in your pocket!Place a prediction envelope on the table. It's your prediction of which color he will choose. Now show him aboard with five numbers on it and a small circle cut paper.  explain that on the other side of each number is a different color. ..
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The First Real-Time Nail Bend in the History of Magic!STEEL is the first real nail bend to date. It is Rasmus's underground method, used by him for many years, to bend real steel nails in real time. The nails can be marked or signed by the spectator before the miracle happens. For the first time..
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X-RAY by Rasmus Magic X-RAY by Rasmus Magic
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The ultimate Which Hand effect + the ultimate Kurotsuke Effect! All needed props included!X-Ray is the first Which Hand effect and Kurotsuke method to date, that gives you the ability, with rolled-up sleeves and no electronics, to guess with 100% accuracy, where the hidden object is. For the fi..
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The most powerful magic trick is one that lives on forever in the minds of the spectators and with “Cube in Bottle” you can provide a miracle that every audience will remember long after you’re gone.After transforming Rubik’s Cube Magic with best-selling effects like RD Insta, Rubik’s Dream, and..
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 Available in Stock Intuition is an effect invented by Mozique in partnership with Alakazam Magic and Joao Miranda Magic.It is a state-of-the-art electronic magnetic detection device specially designed to fit inside a Sharpie marker, that took Joao Miranda Team over one year to develop i..
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Himber Envelopes ( Pack of 10 ) Himber Envelopes ( Pack of 10 )
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An excellent magic Tool that allows you to perform "miracles"!If you haven't explored the power of the Himber Envelope, you are missing out! It is the perfect accessory for switching bills and cards, appearances and disappearances or even doing the multiple outs from this small envel..
Rs. 299.00
Make Your Choice ( Pre-Order ) Make Your Choice ( Pre-Order )
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Releasing date 18th OctThis is Pre-Order Trick, you can place an order and reserve it now actual shipping will be Near 30th Oct. ( if you are adding other tricks with this, all tricks will get shipped after the arrival of this pre-ordered trick, we suggest you order it separately to avoid de..
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The Card Puzzle is a self-working prediction routine.A packet of cards is shown made up of quarters of various jumbo cards. The quarters are shuffled and laid out on the table. The spectator selects four of them under the fairest of conditions. Amazingly all four pieces are part of one single ca..
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The Aminated Flip Book Revelation - A Wonderfully Original TrickThe prediction comes to life inside this book!One of the most entertaining revelations you'll ever perform. Imagine this. As you flip through the pages of PREDICTION BOOK, an animated cartoon hand comes to life. It reaches out a..
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4K Color Vision 4K Color Vision
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Brent Braun has transformed a classic you may have not performed in years into a hard-hitting effect you'll never want to leave home without.Classic magic kit tricks get an undeserved bad reputation.There's a reason the ball & vase, thump tip silk vanish or penetration frame are included in ..
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It's simple and easy to perform almost self-working.The magician starts with five cards asks the spectator to select any one card and keep it away, with the remaining four cards spectator takes four colored shapes and keeps them on each card randomly keeping the respective color uncovered.wh..
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A one-of-a-kind method that allows you to easily and quickly load a card with zero fumbling.Tony Miller's "Speed Loader" system is the one of the most creative and effective solutions for the problems impacting so many card-to-wallets.No slides No weird pockets Nothing to ditchT..
Rs. 4,950.00
RD Insta Lite RD Insta Lite
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This is, without question, the most visual Rubik's Cube-solve ever created. You hold a mixed cube still, between your hands. And instantly, visually, and without cover, it melts into a solved cube. There are no elastics and no apparent movement. It's as if the stickers just shift into the right posi..
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A new version of a classic with a totally different method to force any number easily and clearly. And something else: The prediction is given by one spectator!With this special notebook you can:- Make a spectator freely choose a word, celebrity, place in the world or the serial number of o..
Rs. 3,300.00
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