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LUX by Lloyd Barnes LUX by Lloyd Barnes
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This is the greatest trick of the last decade. It's probably the greatest trick of all time." - Craig PettyThe most powerful EDC weapon ever created. This is LUX.LUX gives you or your spectators the ability to harness the true power of ultra violet light.This is one of thousands of effe..
Rs. 6,399.00
Double Cross ( Red Heart ) by MagicSmith
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One of the most popular close-up magic tricks of all time "Double Cross" is now available in a version that leaves a red heart on the spectator's palm."Double Cross" by Mark Southworth and MagicSmith is arguably one of the best close-up magic tricks you can learn. It's essentially as common in t..
Rs. 5,999.00
4D Cross by Tenyo 4D Cross by Tenyo
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An impossible penetration!Two solid and identical sticks penetrate each other inside a snugly-fitting cross-shaped tube! Audiences can stare at this impossibility from inches away, and will still be left doubting their own eyes. A precision gimmick enables you to perform this first-rate mystery...
Rs. 1,829.00
Heart Stamper Part for Double Cross (Refill)
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This is a Heart Stamper Part for Double Cross.It allows you to secretly stamp a heart on the spectator's hand.The heart it produces is made to look exactly like it was drawn by hand.This is the heart stamper only - you must already own the Double Cross pen in order to use this gimmick. ..
Rs. 1,960.00
Double Cross Ink Refill by Magic Smith
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 This is the vanishing ink replacement cartridge for Double Cross.If you ink is getting dry, this replacement will make your Double Cross write like a new pen.You must already own the prop - this is the replacement vanishing ink only.Installation instructions are at the end of the Do..
Rs. 1,950.00
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