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Rising Card - Closeup Rising Card - Closeup
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The Rising card is always Truely Impossible and visual trick in magic history.We proudly Present you close up version of a classic rising card effect. in effect, the performer asks the spectator to select any card randomly, now he draws one card on a pocket-size notepad, which is not the aud..
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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition ( DVD ) Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition ( DVD )
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Bigblindmedia presentsUltimate Self Working Card Tricks: Cameron Francis Edition (BBM192)The bestselling Ultimate Self Working Card Trick series is the gold standard for sleight-free card tricks… magic that slays audiences and yet requires NO moves to accomplish. The emphasis here is on prov..
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This Is The Best Visual Magic Ever seenThe impossible hole is very easy and simple to perform. In effect, you show a card with a big hole, you can pass your finger or any small object like a pen, silk, cigarette through. Then with NO FUNNY MOVES, the hole is peeled away like a Roadrunner..
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Are you tired of all the overproduced magic trailers? Meaningless street shots and paid actors with overexaggerated reactions?We are a group of young magicians who love direct and visual magic. Magic that people can understand and genuinely react to, even if they don't understand your language. ..
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Swordlace is a classic card effect that has stood the test of time.Not only is the effect strong and direct, but having the cards spring up into the air and shower to the ground as the effect happens psychologically signifies the finale and wraps the entire performance.It's a beautiful plot ..
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Imagine a visual change happening, with no moves, right in front your spectator's eyes... Or even better, while the card is suspended at your fingertips! Effect: A card is chosen, then lost in the pack. The magician goes through the deck and removes one card, claiming that he just found the spec..
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Any Card by Richard Sanders Any Card by Richard Sanders
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From the fertile mind of that crazy clever guy, Richard Sanders, comes a killer effect that packs a HUGE punch to the spectator's mid section!Introducing ANY CARD...EFFECT: Hand a deck of cards to someone and ask them to think of Any Card (no force). You explain that you previously turned o..
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An absolutely STUNNING card effect!Though it looks impossible, it's actually SO EASY TO DO!Follow this: your spectator selects any card from a regular sized deck. After the card is placed back in the deck, it is found to now be HALF THE SIZE of the other cards in the deck!  But that's n..
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Darkslide (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Chris Ramsay Darkslide (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Chris Ramsay
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Chris Ramsay's latest heart-stopper has been flooring spectators with an incredibly open and fair card reversal. His newest creation, Darkslide, gives you the ability to visually reverse the spectator's selection, in an open display of a fully fanned deck, right in front of their eyes, with nothing ..
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