Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic
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Magic Colors

This trick can be mastered in five minutes or less. Children age ten or older should be able to perf..

Rs. 40.00

Clear Penetration

Effect : The Magician displays a clear plastic sheet in a decorative frame. The audience can examine..

Rs. 50.00

Vanishing Cigarette

In effect, a cigarette is put inside a tube marked with a 'No Smoking' sign. The tube is capped and ..

Rs. 25.00

Cigarette vanishing case -28%

Cigarette vanishing case

This small box can be made to appear full of items, or entirely empty as the performer wishes. Made ..

Rs. 90.00 Rs. 65.00

Silk & Ball Vase - Plastic Mini

The Perfect Magic Trick For Beginners.The apparatus supplied is to all appearances a replica of ..

Rs. 60.00

Ghost Key

The performer displays the Ghost Key - a large key that he invites his audience to examine to their ..

Rs. 120.00

Fantastic Finger Chopper

A great close up trick , that makes performer idle for minutes. Display a wooden blade and stocks-e..

Rs. 250.00

Statue of liberty vanish

This particular item is good to perform in close- up, school shows and party shows. The performer d..

Rs. 75.00

Brass disk escape Out Of Stock

Brass disk escape

The magician shows five disks enameled in five different colors, and a tube just large enough to hol..

Rs. 300.00

Brass coin safe

A Brass box is displayed with a hole in the cover, and inside the box are a number of coins. A spect..

Rs. 400.00

Amazing candy

Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, both are shown and believe it or not, they link togethe..

Rs. 130.00

Cups and balls (Aluminum)

A basic routine is the triple penetration of the balls through the inverted cup and onto the table s..

Rs. 400.00

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