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As you have decided to take the first step to learn Magic and let me tell you are at the right place. J


We are experienced Magic tricks supplier and have helped thousands of beginners around the world and followed so many of them as they developed their skills over the years. It's very rewarding, and learning experience for us too!


We know exactly how it feels when you start searching for Magic tricks. There is huge material on the internet like books, DVDs and the number of Magic tricks. It almost feels like you have lost the track and don’t know what to buy or what is best for a beginner. It’s very confusing, isn’t it?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you…

We have sorted few tricks especially for you which is easy to perform and very effective on stage or any platform. No matter whether you are willing to become a professional magician or just preparing for a small event like the Birthday party, office party or something like that. These are the best tricks to start with, they don't require any special skills to perform them.

Just select some of them like 10 randomly (even with your closed eyes J) and order them. And you are ready to perform your 1st magic show.  Just spend some time to understand how they work. We are providing simple and easy to understand tutorial with every trick so you can learn quickly and start performing without any hassle.

And as you know Everything starts with the First Step... So here you GO…..!!!!

SVENGALI Starring Oz Pearlman (DVD + Deck) Out Of Stock
This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult ..
Rs. 1,199.00
The most versatile trick deck in history like you've NEVER seen it before! NOW SHIPPING. Watch t..
Rs. 1,199.00
This is a Three Card Monte or Find The Queen effect with a difference.  In the normal routine, th..
Rs. 169.00
Couldn't be easier! Wonderful all-around production prop that works ALL BY ITSELF!  If you can p..
Rs. 299.00
A magician's change bag can be used for various different switches. Put in a blue napkin, wave your ..
Rs. 249.00
We supply you what appears to be a regular Reset able Combination Padlock, which is normally opened ..
Rs. 929.00
Dice From Bag By NMS -33%
SUPER VISUAL Magic! Show an everyday brown paper bag folded FLAT. Now Magician Open it and reache..
Rs. 1,125.00 Rs. 750.00
This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip. THE BEST EVER MADE! AN EXACT COPY OF ..
Rs. 229.00
Magic at your fingertips! The Color Changing Blossom blooms and then changes color- all under you..
Rs. 109.00
Display a long black silk streamer. With a flick of the hand, the streamer visibly changes to a mult..
Rs. 579.00
The famous David Copperfield's Vanishing Statue of Liberty, which he performed on TV shows, is now m..
Rs. 499.00
The comedy Lamp is an excellent item for magicians on stage or party shows, or anywhere. To all appe..
Rs. 79.00
This book offers your children a unique scope for having fun and developing their hidden artistic ta..
Rs. 179.00
Performer shows a transparent glass full of liquid such as Milk, Coke etc. He drinks from it, till t..
Rs. 149.00
Effect: A large fan changes color several times in succession.  The Color Changing Fan as such is..
Rs. 369.00
Terrific comedy prop! Great for audience participation! And it's HUGE and COLORFUL! This classi..
Rs. 299.00
The performer holds up a two silk tied together having size 12-inch each and runs it through his han..
Rs. 159.00
The Aqua Change Vase can do SO MANY things! Change milk into confetti! Colored liquid becomes a colo..
Rs. 399.00
First, show a black silk which is spotted on both sides. Then shake the silk and show the spots have..
Rs. 749.00
The performer shows jumbo size frame having four windows. Three of these windows are on one side of ..
Rs. 249.00


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