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Want To Learn Magic?

NMS is the perfect place to start, Whether you want to perform a trick for some friends, or start a career as a professional magician, we will help you to get the right props for you so you can perform incredible magic tricks like David blain or Dynamo. 

we have picked some of the best magic tricks that are performed by famous magicians, yet are easy to do!

It’s Easier Than You Think, Unlike other hobbies like dance or play instruments, magic is incredibly easy to learn. just you need to practice it and upgrade your skills slowly. 

Check out the list below for our hand-picked Magic tricks to help get you started...

Looking For More Professional Tricks With Detailed Training Material 

We recommend you EVOLUSHIN MAGIC SET, this is the most innovative and exciting Magic Kit on the market!

Remember this is not a cheap toy kit available in a local store, this is the real DEAL a perfect magic tricks to start your performance, & the best part is the Training video By SHIN LIM, shin lim is the most renowned magician & the only person in the world to win America’s Got Talent TWO times.

The EVOLUSHIN kit will make you look like a professional Magician because all the tricks are professional level! Each trick has been handpicked to bring you the MAXIMUM response from your audience!

TEACHING: All the teaching is taught by SHIN LIM! This is just like getting a one on one private lesson from one of the world's greatest magicians. Shin goes over all details of each trick so you will not only know the SECRETS but how to preform them properly.


If you have ever dreamed of becoming a magician, then the EVOLUSHIN kit is for you! Learn magic the right way and start on your path to becoming a magician today!


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