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Thumb Tip Change Bag

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Thumb Tip Change Bag

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If you use a Thumb Tip, this is a must for you! This is truly one of the best magic props to be made available to magicians in a long time. These particular bags have been hand-made to very high standards of construction and they look stunning!  Much smaller than every other version on the market and will still take a regular thumb tip.

The Thumb Tip Change Bag is a miniature utility bag made to secretly hold a thumb tip. It can be used for nearly any purpose a thumb tip is used for!

Use it to secretly bring out your thumbtip or to vanish it at any time in your performance. You can even build a whole routine around using this amazing new magic prop.

Simple design allows this prop to look just like the regular size change bags but has no moving parts or secret compartments allowing it to be totally examinable.

Comes Change Bag Only with instruction sheet, use your own thumbtip. 

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