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THE TRILOGY is a full length three DVD set containing over 6 HOURS of card tricks, flourishes, and everything else acclaimed sleight-of-hand and flourish artists Dan Buck and Dave Buck have dreamt up with a deck of playing cards throughout their years of creating and performing.

VOLUME 1: TRICKS contains 12 extremely visual magic tricks that can be done anywhere at anytime - completely surrounded - with a normal deck of playing cards. Learn effects like Card Across, Fission for Aces, Collectors, Swiss Made, Sixty Nine, Hand to Mouth, Deja Vu, TiVo Transpo, TiVo 2.0, Hedbergs Peak, Twinsplit Remix, Subway, The Queens, and Hofzzy Osbourne.

VOLUME 2: FLOURISHES contains 10 flashy, breathtaking flourishes from Dan and Dave's personal repertoire explained in full detail - including the Carnahan Fan, Molecule Four, Pandora, Erdnase Go Round, Vertigo, Eko, Mecka, Akira, Tectonic Verb, and their acclaimed Jackson Five flourish.

VOLUME 3: EVERYTHING ELSE contains everything from ace productions to color changes, double lifts, shuffles, and finger exercises. It's an assortment of 18 unique sleights done Buck style. You'll learn the T.G. Deck Flip, Hugh Scott Shuffle, The LePaul S Spread, 360 Deck Spin, Under Pressure, Heap Snatch, Blackjack Production, Shuffled Aces, The Forte Flourish, The Click Change, The Jones Change, Center Double, Queens Transition, Real Time, Molecule 2 Productions, and more.

In addition, Everythingelse contains a concise segment on Finger Exercises with four movements - as well as 20 classic playing card flourishes performed and explained in complete detail.

Over 6 hours of material explained in detail with multiple angles, on screen text, and slow motion replays.

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