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posted 27/09/2017
I have just discovered the site, It seems to be full of good and cheap stuff. Unfortunately the shipping fees are pretty high... Is there a way not to use UPS if you don't need the items at once?

Best regards,

posted 26/09/2017
NMS is getting Better and Better every month, i started Buying 2 years back and now they are best magic trick supplier in India. reliable, fast and friendly.. looking forward for long term business with you guys keep it up.. best wishes.
posted 21/09/2017
i appreciate ur good work. good products with reasonable rates. very useful. thank you very much. products are exactly as u describe. it has helped me a lot with law budget to convey a great message to many students. thank you very much
posted 21/09/2017
This site is a great online shop for our community. It provides us with not only a variety of products but an excellent service too.
posted 19/09/2017
NMS offers the absolute best value in stage magic tricks,. Shipments to the USA are FAST - 3-4 days!!
posted 14/09/2017
I can say without even thinking once.this site is the best site and shop for all type of magicians.whether it's amateur or expert .the items, specially the playing cards are much cheaper than other sites.i want more new decks to be available on this shop.
posted 12/08/2017
Karthik Gopichander
posted 11/08/2017
Anand Goga
It is a very good, wonderful, awesome, tremendous I feel happy.
posted 07/07/2017
Pranjal Trivadi
I love you guys very much. it’s because of you I got into magic in the first place. You were the first people who actually made magic "affordable" to me.

When I got interested in magic, I had no idea where to get information, what to read and where to learn from. So it was a pleasant surprise that I found an online store when I searched for magic sources on Google. I was amazed that you guys provided myself (and of course other people) a place to learn, discuss and experience magic. It was like a closed mysterious door which suddenly was wide open and the only effort I had to do was paying a small amount of money.

Today I am doing magic since about 3 years. I now have a close friend as a mentor and I'm part of the local magic circle. I think I have grown a lot since the day I bought my first Book (13 steps of Mentalism) from you. I developed my skills and because of that, I developed my skills in socializing with other people.

I am thankful for you bringing the magic world to my doorstep.
posted 29/06/2017
NMS is without any doubt the best site to get great magic at reasonable price.
Very great service
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