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NMS Always in search of Creative mind people, if you have an idea or ready trick don’t wait, Get in touch with us, and get ready to team-up with NMS crew.

You just have to send us Demo of your trick and it’s done. We will guide you further to sell your magic Trick.  We will help you to market your Idea / Trick.

Don’t just Perform your Trick alone make money out of it.  Become famous like other magicians.


How to do :

Your Trick should be original, unique, visual and awesome. Send us video demo of your latest performance of your trick along with few details about it like effect, requirement etc.

What can I sell exactly…

You can sell almost anything related to magic. We are specialize in marketing Magic Tricks.  Currently we have 10,000+ registered customers from all over the world who will visiting our site regularly.

You can sell

  • Card or Coin magic Routine as Instant Download Product.
  • Haunted / PK Effects.
  • Cardistry Routine
  • Jaw-dropping Mentalism effects.
  • Tricks with Ring, rope, magnet, keys, pen, watch or any regular Object available easily.

Is it safe to tell you my idea?

Your idea / trick is completely safe with us, we won’t share it with anyone only few of core team members have access to this data.

send us your idea by filling Following Form, and if we found it interesting we will inform you further details how to proceed to sell your trick. we also open your Seller / Vendor account where you can check your actual sell and Profit etc details accordingly.


For Any Other Information / Questions please write us on or call us on +91 9028914220

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