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Easy to do and very visual, this trick is suitable for both adults and children! PLM (Prety Little Men) is a new kind of card trick. Created by Vincent Roca, you will immediately see the potential when you have the deck in your hand!The magician introduces a rather special set of cards because e..
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Swordlace is a classic card effect that has stood the test of time.Not only is the effect strong and direct, but having the cards spring up into the air and shower to the ground as the effect happens psychologically signifies the finale and wraps the entire performance.It's a beautiful plot ..
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Available in limited Quantity, Order now if you are looking for it for a long time One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. We made shells from real Ind..
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The Medal RED by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright The Medal RED by Harry Robson & Matthew Wright
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It only takes a second to create a moment of magic...but that moment can last forever. Harry Robson has spent a lifetime in magic creating this moment and for the first time has decided to share it with the magic community.The Medal is a high quality, built-to-last prop, that is perfect for all ..
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L.O.V.E (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds L.O.V.E (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds
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Want to ask a cute girl out? Or maybe do something cute and visual for that special someone?This is the trick for you. L.O.V.E. is a quick and visual piece of magic that's straight to the point. You'll be taking away a great multiple card change utility move that lets you end completely clean. ..
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A borrowed ring appears LINKED ONTO YOUR HEADPHONES that are wrapped around your phone... in your back pocket! Sleek, modern, powerful, and memorable.iFlight is an update for the classic "Ring Flight" effect, in which you cause a borrowed ring to reappear somewhere unexpected. Rather than use a ..
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The Haunted Key is a classic of magic. There are many versions on the market but this is the best one available.Here is the effect: You introduce a gothic-looking key and place it on the palm of your hand. Slowly... eerily... they key begins to move, under your control at all times. It's as if t..
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Rising Card - Closeup Rising Card - Closeup
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The Rising card is always Truely Impossible and visual trick in magic history.We proudly Present you close up version of a classic rising card effect. in effect, the performer asks the spectator to select any card randomly, now he draws one card on a pocket-size notepad, which is not the aud..
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Artifex proudly presents to you best credit card routine, coming from an ingenious mind of Nazar Kayumov, a modern-day miracle that's been carefully worked on and perfected over a course of a few years. We bring you an astonishing routine using one of the most familiar 21 century object that is incr..
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All Magicians know, If you want to get the attention of your audience... USE FIRE!FLAME is by far one of the most amazing visual effects in close-up fire magic.Imagine taking out an ordinary lighter and, at your command, making the flame levitate slowly above the lighter then back down again..
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Method 01 by Calen Morelli Method 01 by Calen Morelli
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WAJTTTT PRESENTS - METHOD 01 BY CALEN MORELLI (Pronounced- [wuht])WAJTTTT IS METHOD 01?Imagine having the ability to cause any freely named card, or any two-digit number impossibly appear blistered on your fingertips.Method 01 is magic's most innovative blister effect. Method 01 is based..
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Making money magically appear always astonishes the audience.Thanks to the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro, that classic is now better than ever!In this illusion, the magician shows a pad and sketches a bill.Suddenly the drawing VISIBLY jumps out of the pad, transforming..
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Euna Dollar Set (Dollar Size, Set of 3) Euna Dollar Set (Dollar Size, Set of 3)
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Euna Dollar Set (Untained Edition, Dollar Size, Set of 3)EUNA, the first speed coin created for visual coin magic.Modern coin magic has shifted toward visual mystery that people can see. With popular social media platforms, magic artists with their insane visuals can be seen by the whole wor..
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Animated Torn and Restored effect!Award-winning, an international entertainer, Menny Lindenfeld, is back with another truly mesmerizing and powerful visual effect.TORNIMATION is the MOST POWERFUL Torn and Restored effect you'll ever perform! You tear a card, heal it back together in an impos..
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Moving Hole ( Matrix card ) Moving Hole ( Matrix card )
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Looking at something visual magic to perform on online shows.The Matrix card effect is one of the best and highly visual Magic Trick best for you.Now the classic Moving Coin Effect is with playing cards.Imagine you ask the spectator to select a card randomly. Take their selected card ..
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Wiregrams (3H)
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 How the wiregrams work… Shuffle a deck, have a card selected and you've just started what will become the most talked about the effect for a long time. Use an ordinary piece of wire to divine a spectator's selected card, and no one will be able to figure out how you did it. Use a little hot l..
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If someone claimed they could locate a free selection using a borrowed shuffled deck without ever looking at the cards, you’d call them crazy. If they then claimed it’s possible because they’ve learned to track a shuffle using only sound, you’d call them even crazier. Manoj Kaushal must be bloody in..
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ANYWEB - FORCE EVERYTHING ON ANY APP OR WEBSITE!Anyweb is not just a trick, is a powerful tool with which you can force anything with your phone or tablet using any app or website.Without any techniques, the app does all for you.Anyweb is a magic browser that allows you, by simple touche..
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"Timeless" is one of Vanishing Inc.'s earliest hit tricks, and not a week goes by that someone, somewhere, doesn't ask us to re-release it.And for good reason: "Timeless" combined one of the strongest, simplest mentalism effects with something completely new and unexpected. "Timeless" was, quite..
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In the blink of an eye, a ring, key, or other small objects magically transports from your hands to your shoelaces, where it is found impossibly tied up.Truly Tied is an insanely clean, fast, and ultra visual piece of close-up magic that will leave a lasting impression on every audience. It is S..
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