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Street Magic

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Every magician must have this marked deck.Amazing card trick which can be performed anywhere any time, even in surrounded people.Magician show card deck and ask any spectator to shuffle it and select a card to remember and place it on the top of the deck, then magician passes his hand over t..
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An instant sandwich effect. This routine builds up to an unexpected sandwich moment. It starts with a flash production of two cards. Then a selected card appears between them with a simple flick. After losing their card once again the two cards are displayed freely. Miraculously the selection appea..
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Effect;  "A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck of cards.  The performer displays a small solid crystal cube, which he explains will condense and focus thought rays, just like a lens focuses light rays.  The cube is held between the finger and thumb, right under the spectator's nose, and ..
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This is a 7.5 length of stripped Invisible Thread, enough to 100's of effects when Properly used. Levitate. Suspend. Animate. Touch. Hover. Move. Freak Out and many more it literally does it all - better than anything else out there. 3 reels x 15' each. You get three spools of Invisi..
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Golden Key - a powerful close-up effect designed to exclusive for!, close up A solid brass key, is held at the fingertips of your right hand. The left hand approaches and, with just the aid of one finger, causes the bit to turn 90 degrees, then 180 degrees, and finally a full 360 degrees. Next, the ..
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DIS JOINTED is a revolutionary new method for "Shinko's classic Arm Twist" that turns the screws on the scream factor.Dis Jointed is a revolutionary new method for "Shinko's classic Arm Twist" that turns the screws on the scream factor.Dis Jointed gives you the freakish ability to twist y..
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Ghost Key
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The performer displays the Ghost Key - a large key that he invites his audience to examine to their heart's content.When the performer places the key across his hand, and mutters some invocation under his breath, the key turns - slowly and mysteriously, imbibed with a life of its own. Can also b..
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The magician shows five disks enameled in five different colors, and a tube just large enough to hold the disks.The disks and both ends of the tube have a small hole in them, for a cord to be threaded through. A spectator freely selects any one disk. All the disks are placed in the tube, which i..
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Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, both are shown and believe it or not, they link together forming a candy bond that will surprise science as two solid objects join with no apparent means possible of doing so. The two linked pieces of candy are shown from all angles, they really are linke..
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