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Cartoon Capers by Gary Jones

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Cartoon Capers by Gary Jones

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Imagine a portable hole that you can transfer to a SIGNED card. Congratulations, you've just imagined Cartoon Capers

This exceeded our expectations of what a card trick is capable of.

It's seriously like having an "Acme Portable Hole" from road runner cartoons... you take a hole from one card and move it to another card. 

But here's the mind-blowing part: The card you transfer the hole to, was a SIGNED chosen card.. and not just signed a little... it was signed all over, up and down. The hole even removes part of their signature. It's insane.

Gary has created something wonderful. It comes with the props you need, and Gary teaches you how to make more (it is super easy).

Every time you perform this, you create an unforgettable IMPOSSIBLE souvenir. I love it, and I think you will too.

We don't have a ton of these, so take a look soon. Oh, and there's free shipping so that's a big plus.


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