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Patriotic Ropes

Performer shows 3 short lengths of Ropes colored green, White and Orange. Ropes are tied together in..

Rs. 79.00

Increasing Card Spots

  This item is quite exciting and particularly dedicated to children's entertainment as it makes ..

Rs. 219.00

Cola Cans Production ( Props + DVD )

Effect- Magician shows two empty tubes. Now magician makes a magical gesture... WOW!! A cola c..

Rs. 1,649.00

Silk- Happy Birthday 36-Inch

For a magical birthday celebration! Excellent quality silk square with a bright, bold "HAPPY BIRT..

Rs. 549.00

String of Flags - Small 3 x 2

This unique production item takes silk magic a completely new direction. All around the world! Ef..

Rs. 89.00

String of Flags - Large 6 x 4

This unique production item takes silk magic a completely new direction. All around the world! Ef..

Rs. 179.00

String of Flags - Jumbo 12 x 8

This unique production item takes silk magic a completely new direction. All around the world! Ef..

Rs. 599.00

Jumbo Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red) Out Of Stock

Jumbo Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)

The BEST card trick of all time, NOW 500% BIGGER.  NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Just like th..

Rs. 2,179.00

Parasol Box Set (7 Parasols) Out Of Stock

Parasol Box Set (7 Parasols)

Produce anytime throughout your act. This is Ultimate Set Designed for Stage Magicians used to do..

Rs. 1,649.00

Food To Go

A Brand New Effect that we are sure will be part of your next performances!  Imagine being able t..

Rs. 549.00

Japanese Production Fan Out Of Stock

Japanese Production Fan

Incredibly easy and very pretty! This is another version of classic Production fan routine. T..

Rs. 199.00

Rope Escape Out Of Stock

Rope Escape

Rope Escape Routines are magician’s Favorite form many decades! This is another one, in & out Rop..

Rs. 300.00

Sucker Twin Die Box

A new approach to the classic sucker Die Box, this has several additional features which fool even m..

Rs. 2,599.00

Through Steel Illusion Out Of Stock

Through Steel Illusion

Imagine Performing The Most Visual Walk Thru Effect. The most visual walk thru effect on the magi..

Rs. 14,999.00

Bag to Queen Silk

This is Completely New and funny Routine any kind of plat-form like stage parlor etc. Revised concep..

Rs. 849.00

Arsy Varsy Bottle by Tora Magic

The Performer displays a wine bottle, and an empty cylinder which just fits over the bottle. The ..

Rs. 1,399.00

Aqua Change Vase

The Aqua Change Vase can do SO MANY things! Change milk into confetti! Colored liquid becomes a colo..

Rs. 399.00

Miracle Bag - 3 Times

This is Utility prop can be used like famous trick changing bag, but in this version you can change ..

Rs. 649.00

Manipulation Cards (FLESH BACK)

Fanning and Manipulation Cards This is special manipulating cards, extra thin Skin Colored back, ..

Rs. 290.00

Plate through Arm

This is a very effective and baffling penetration effect that requires little more than correct hand..

Rs. 1,699.00

Silk Streamer ( Zebra B&W ) 18 feet

Zebra Streamer Production Silk - 5" x 18 Feet   Silks have a wide variety of uses in magic, fr..

Rs. 449.00

Silk Streamer ( Rainbow ) 18 feet

NEW SIZE! Seems to never end! Need something super long and super colorful to produce.. This is t..

Rs. 449.00

Guitar Production from Book

Magician shows a book of music History freely from all sides now he opens it and shows there are few..

Rs. 3,049.00

Master Prediction System Out Of Stock

Master Prediction System

What is it? It is the Master Prediction System, the most mystifying, practical and portable all-purp..

Rs. 10,899.00

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