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Light heavy Chest

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Light heavy Chest
Light heavy Chest
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Light heavy Chest
Light heavy Chest
Light heavy Chest
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The trick is so good that it changed history!

This trick is not for everyone. 
This one is all about your presentation. 
If you like to perform an effect right out of the package, this may NOT be the one for you.
But if you present it the right way, it gets an AMAZING reaction!

Completely handcrafted Wooden Magic Box. 

The Light and Heavy Resistance Chest can be presented as an incredible demonstration of strength! 
An unbelievable exhibition of magical powers! 
A fascinating mystery your audience will be talking about for a long time to come! 

A beautiful piece of equipment that is so easy to operate! 
Display the chest to your audience. 
Set the chest on a table. 
Ask a member of the audience to join you for the Light and Heavy Resistance experiment. 
Let him lift the chest- he can do it easily. 
Mention that you have the ability to take his strength away, merely by possessing some personal item of his. 
Let him hand you any item from their pocket- a handkerchief, a coin, a wallet. 
Place the item inside the box, and close it up. 
Now when he tries to lift the box, he finds it very difficult! 
It's like his strength is gone! 
Of course, you open the chest again, return the item, and he is now able to easily lift the chest once more.

You can also use this presentation: after explaining that some items appear much lighter than they actually are, ask the spectator to lift the chest. 

He can't do it very easily- the chest seems very heavy! 
Now, explain that maybe it's what's inside the chest that makes it so heavy. 
Open the chest, and take out a single, featherweight silk scarf! 
Close the chest, and NOW the spectator can lift it with no problem!

This is a true piece of quality apparatus. 
No assistant or stooge is needed- you use real people from your audience!

Each Chest is inspected and tested for smoothness of operation

Comes Completely ready to work with Printed Instruction, Plus Bonus Now we Provide Video Tutorial of the trick which explains every corner of the Trick.  

NOTE: Video Demo is only for demo Purpose actual Product box is little different than in Video, please check actual image for details.


History – 
In 1856, the famous French magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (the father of modern day magic and the inspiration for Houdini's stage name) was called upon by the French government to help avoid a possible revolution in French-occupied Algeria. A majority of the native Algerians believed that their shamans had great power, more power perhaps than the French soldiers. To convince them that France was even more powerful, Robert-Houdin put on a magical performance that included his newest illusion, the Light and Heavy Chest. By showing the Algerians that a Frenchman could lift the chest when no one else could, he frightened his audience into believing that there would be no use in rising up against the French occupation.

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