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Multiplying & Color Changing Flower

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Multiplying & Color Changing Flower

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Perfect For Small or Big stage

Show Combined Multiplying & Color Changing Miracle in a single effect. 

Effect: magician Shows Simple Red Flower with the stem in his hand, now he pluck the flower and take it hand but amazingly there is another red colored flower appears on the stem, again magician pluck this flower too from the stem but new flower appears magically. after repeating this again two more times. 

finally, magician able to pluck a flower and stem remains empty. now magician waves his hand over the stem and says his trusty magic words ABRA KA DABRA magically new flowers appears on the stem but this time red flower changes to white flower. 

Beautifully Constructed in Deluxe Quality Flowers which looks very big on stage but packs very small while hiding. 

comes ready to work with basic online video Instruction. 



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