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Super Sword Thru Neck

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Super Sword Thru Neck

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Imagine displaying a solid steel gleaming sword which can be felt and tested by an audience member. Proven without a doubt to be a real sword.

Next, you introduce a set of iron neck stocks. You place an inflated balloon in the stocks and run the sword thru, piercing the balloon with a loud 'pop'. You now place the stocks around the neck of an audience volunteer. The gleaming sword is now thrust through the stocks as before, penetrating the spectator's neck! The blade is seen to pass right through the center of the stocks, from the back of the neck out through the front.

The spectator is as shocked as the audience, and even up close, the volunteer is unable to discern the secret. The blade is quickly pulled from the stocks and the stocks removed, leaving the spectator no worse for wear.

Best Quality steel sword with polished blade. scabbard and neck stocks complete the set.

Comes with Instruction.

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