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Spring Flower Jumbo (Mylar) - Multicolor

Spring Flower Jumbo (Mylar) - Multicolor

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Produce Instant Jumbo bouquet of Glittering flowers. 

This is Single Colored PVC spring flowers! These fold flat and spring into a large bouquet when released. Of course, they can be used again and again. The effect is that they appear from nowhere, apparently from an object that is smaller than the bouquet. For example, these can be hidden in a production box, a book, up your sleeve, etc.

Exactly what can you do with Spring Flowers?? There are unlimited ways to produce Spring Flowers.

This set contains about 12 blossoms, Bundled together with Steel Ring at Bottom to make a bouquet. Each blossom is constructed on a spring, so it pops open automatically when it is released. When fully expanded, the whole bouquet is about 14" in diameter, and very Dazzling! These flowers can be folded back up, and used over and over and over again! Mylar is a Durable plastic material that will look great and last for many repeated uses. We also carry colorful spring flowers check our Flower Category. 

Comes bouquet of 12 Multicolor Glitter Flowers without any instruction sheet. 

Flower Size: 7½ inch When Closed 14 Inch When an Open bouquet. 


History: Bautier deKolta introduced the concept of using spring flowers in the late 1800s.
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