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Do As I Do Plumes

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Do As I Do Plumes

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Do As I Do Plumes

You invite an assistant in a game of 'Do As I Do'. They are given a feather and a tube and instructed to copy your actions, yet when they remove the tube the feather is always facing the wrong way. So what have I changed? Well as the routine progresses I actually tell the assistant I am secretly, when they are not looking twisting the tube. This gives the routine an added dimension because now you can secretly twist the tube and your assistant will notice and twist there's in the hope of catching you out. Of course when they do twist there's you can act annoyed but in their feather is still the wrong way around. Depending on the person I get up, age, introvert or extrovert etc. I end the trick by letting them get the feather in the correct position and sometimes I catch them out for last time.

This is a judgement call. If your assistant is having fun at being fooled there is nothing wrong in ending in a little tease. I know this goes against the current thinking regarding entertaining children. Trust me kids love a good playful game. As long as you don't make them look silly or embarrass them you’re ok.

it works brilliantly with childerns. But don't neglect using this with adults as well. The trick has built-in comedy which makes it suitable for all ages.

Comes ready to perform with instruction sheet.

Note : Demonstration video is Only For Demo Purpose Actual Product has different finishing, please check Product Photo for acutal Finishing

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