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Stacked By Uday Jadugar

Stacked By Uday Jadugar
Stacked By Uday Jadugar
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Most Visual Effect of The Year STACKED Now In Indian Bill version…


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STACKED is the ultimate in money magic.


Imagine you take a pack of cards from the box, and while holding the cards you pass your finger through the deck asking someone to stay stop.

They remember the card they stopped at, and then you attempt to read their mind. You look them in the eyes and tell them the EXACT card they were thinking of!

Their mind is blown and you look like the world's great magician...

Just then you remind them, this is why you get paid the big bucks! In a FLASH the ENTIRE deck of cards turns into a fat stack of Rs. 500 bills!

You can spread the bills to show BOTH SIDES! There is nothing to see except cold hard cash!

STACKED is super easy to perform.

It is self-working and very easy to learn. STACKED comes complete with an online video tutorial.
Comes complete and ready to go!


Now get your set in special Introductory Price Just Rs. 500 ( Save Rs. 100 ) LIMITED Time Offer

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