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Sing - Sing Ring Box

Sing - Sing Ring Box
Sing - Sing Ring Box
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Fast and amazing magic!


Borrow a quarter from your spectator. Let him make a mark on the coin, if you wish. 
Put the quarter under the handkerchief, and let him hold on to it. 
Yes, he can definitely feel the coin- he can tell that he is REALLY holding a quarter! 
Put a small brass container in front of him.
Point out that he is looking at the container, and holding on to the coin. 
Snatch the handkerchief out of his hand- and the coin has vanished!
Let your spectator twist the top from the container- and here's the first amazing part. 
The top has so many grooves in it that it will take at least 10 seconds for him to screw the top off! 
When he opens the container- HIS MARKED QUARTER is inside the box!

But HOW did the coin get into the box, while your spectator was holding on to it?? 
What a mystery- which is why this one is called the Ring Box Mystery !

But wait- that's not all! 
Use this box to produce a vanished ring, a secret message, the ripped corner of a vanished card, or anything your imagination can dream up!
If it fits in the box, you can produce it!

Another advantage is that the SS Ring Box can be introduced and kept on view, before the object is selected. Any performer with average skill can load the borrowed items into the box, in an instant, without having to do this in his pocket or behind cover.

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