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This is the complete new type of Candle Through Silk effect where in everything can be inspected both before and after the performance. You pass a pa..
Rs. 179.00
After performing a series of card effects, the performer begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a light squeezing motion, and The Cards have diminished..
Rs. 119.00
If you are searching for trick for kid show or comedy magic show then your search ends here.This is very cleaver magic of highest order. This effe..
Rs. 550.00
The Magician displays a silk, and with the wave of his wand the silk instantly disappears. And I mean instantly! You can have a spectator choo..
Rs. 349.00
Totem Limited Edition - Blue Totem Limited Edition - Blue
-19 %
Inspired by Chinese classical mythology of the miao nationality, a symbol of life. On behalf of good luck. These printed in USPCC, 3D display tech..
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 850.00
Totem Limited Edition - Red Totem Limited Edition - Red
-19 %
Inspired by Chinese classical mythology of the miao nationality, a symbol of life. On behalf of good luck. These printed in USPCC, 3D display tech..
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 850.00
Performer shows a knife and a currency bill or note which may be borrowed. A piece of paper, the same size as the bill is folded in half, and the knif..
Rs. 109.00
The color changing records has been a popular trick for some time now and I personally used it in my very first performance. You start off with showin..
Rs. 149.00
This is a set of 3 imitation pre independence rupee coins stamped in Aluminum, and anodized in Copper, Silver and Gold finish for all your coin tricks..
Rs. 149.00
This is a very direct and effective "Blendo" routine. Two small silks, one colored red and one white are clearly shown, and tucked into a metal tube..
Rs. 499.00
Rainbow Rings
-50 %
There are Rings in the magician's hands. And these three ring can be displayed all red color with double sides to the audience one by one.The surprisi..
Rs. 200.00 Rs. 100.00
Super Cup (with DVD)
-33 %
NEW! This is a totally new type of "Chop Cup" that does not use the traditional Chop Cup method. Although the effect is similar to that performed with..
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 399.00
The Perfect Opener for the Manipulator! And stage magicians. A must have for your stage act! This high quality Wand to table magic prop for top profe..
Rs. 1,949.00
What an EERIE Close-up Illusion!!You can be sure your audience will remember this experience for quite some time!!A spectator chooses one of s..
Rs. 299.00
A classic prop with a unique finale....The arrow on the square shaped card points in the same direction, Front to back. As the performer continues..
Rs. 149.00
The complete routine with FOUR ULTRA-VISUAL PHASES and THE KICKER ENDING that leaves everybody laughing. VINTAGE GARCIA. Highly recommended!You ..
Rs. 1,850.00
He can wow a convention full of card experts and now he's teaching his unique approach on this GROUNDBREAKING new 8-HOUR DVD set.JUAN TAMARIZ: “Si..
Rs. 10,199.00
A practical and EASY to do card-stab that is perfect for walk around and restaurant workers. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Get your THREEK on! ..
Rs. 1,849.00
CARDISTRY COLOUR FANNING PLAYING CARDSCardistry is one series of the most outstanding playing cards in Bocopo Playing Cards Company.The custom..
Rs. 899.00
The Chop Cup Combo outfit (RWB) is a set of  three different colored seamless spun aluminum cups for the close-up magician. The Chop Cup allows yo..
Rs. 499.00
A performer holding a round tube, tube which is closed at one end, the tube can be handover to audience to check and then Perfrmer hold the tube in hi..
Rs. 649.00
This is a very novel card prediction effect.  Performer points to a small tube on the table, which he claims has a prediction of a selected card. ..
Rs. 519.00
A's Deck is a jumbo deck designed for stage card manipulation!Here are the features of the deck:In order to show a miracle, many magicians col..
Rs. 1,249.00
THIS is what Any Card At Any Number SHOULD look like. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.In this brilliant presentation of Any Card At Any Number, B..
Rs. 1,549.00
Applause Please
-26 %
A gag item with a touch of magic, that will milk some applause, (and a laugh) from a "dead" audience, when your magic fails to draw some ! After comp..
Rs. 160.00 Rs. 119.00
It's a sin to let a sucker keep his money. So, leave honor in your rear view mirror, because only two things matter in this world... this score, and s..
Rs. 749.00
For several years Luke Jermay has been very influential in the world of modern magic and mentalism. His books have been applauded by critics and the e..
Rs. 2,720.00
The great British magician Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with his invention: the Boon Writer "the greatest smallest gimmick in mentalism"...
Rs. 349.00
Color Changing Dove Frame Color Changing Dove Frame
-21 %
This is the Advance Version of Classic Dove Frame Magic Trick. The magician shows a frame with a classic golden border having Orange Dove Picture ..
Rs. 2,349.00 Rs. 1,849.00
This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult tricks simple. The Svengali Deck allows beginn..
Rs. 1,199.00
A great effect for close-up and stage magic!!!The magician shows an empty black bowl, and drop some raw rice into it. Then magician just passes hi..
Rs. 4,999.00
Spooky, Creepy, but Funny Surprise for Halloween!It absolutely looks like a real tongue, but it is made of stretchable material, so you can make t..
Rs. 249.00
This is just a ordinary Colord sharpie. Ungimmicked, can be used with Verious Tricks. The Sharpie Fine Point marker was the first pen-style perman..
Rs. 1,799.00
Imagine the Possibilities…We are often called upon to perform magic during times we least expect. Today's spectators have proven to be more difficult ..
Rs. 129.00
There are fewer joyful moments from a spectator when they open their hand and witness a hard, metal coin warped and bent right in their hand. Even bet..
Rs. 2,199.00
Incredibly easy and very pretty! And now available in different size and colors!The famous magician Shen Juan had used this props in the stage flo..
Rs. 2,499.00
This is one of the greatest books ever to be in print. The power found in this book is unbelievable. We recommend it to anyone who is serious about pe..
Rs. 4,950.00