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 The PK touch is one of mentalism's most powerful effects, where a spectator feels they're being touched while the performer is some distance away. Now the performer can perform this effect standing up, using a 100% self-contained diabolical method, at a moment's notice, and at a distance of..
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Silhouette by Tobias Dostal Silhouette by Tobias Dostal
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"The use of shadow & light really bring magic to life. This effect will definitely become part of my repertoire."  - Cyril Takayama "What Tobias did was literally one of the most creative things I've seen in a long, long time."  - Daniel Garcia "This trick will not stay in the shadow very ..
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Wiregrams (7H)
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 How the wiregrams work… Shuffle a deck, have a card selected and you've just started what will become the most talked about the effect for a long time. Use an ordinary piece of wire to divine a spectator's selected card, and no one will be able to figure out how you did it. Use a little hot l..
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Pro Thumper
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The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist that has been carefully hand-constructed. This device is a discreet and reliable cueing device for Magicians and Mentalists. This Device can pass Four different types of signals with remote control. the devic..
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A amazing piece of WOW from the fertile minds of Spidey, Deven Ye and Richard Sanders!Ultra Gum: An impossible transposition between a borrowed bill and a FACTORY SEALED PACKAGE OF GUM!EFFECT: A corner is slowly torn from a borrowed bill. The corner is rubbed between the fingertips whe..
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Chris Philpotts Pantheon Chris Philpotts Pantheon
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Classic Mentalist Effects Supercharged with The 100th Monkey Principle!24 Effects, 3 DVDs, 12 Postcards, 9 full performances, over 500 Jpegs and a 220-page eBook! Effects for close-up and stage performance - most are easy-to-perform miracles!"I love this! The new directions in which Chris ha..
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This is the one you need, to Perform mind-reading. This is one of the most useful Utility Device in mentalism, with this you can do many effects like mind reading, prediction, drawing duplication, etc.There are many peek devices available like wallets, envelopes, boxes, electronic devices. ..
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Not just another card trick- this one is magic GOLD!A quick mindreading trick big enough to show from the stage!You show an envelope containing four cards, the four Queens.  The spectator names any one of the four Queens.  When the four cards are removed from the envelope and fanned ou..
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The Perfect Nail The Perfect Nail
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The Perfect Nail is the best version available among all spike risk effects.If you are willing to perform spike risk trick but afraid to accidents, this is the one for you.THIS IS 100% SAFE. I’ll say that again… THIS IS 100% SAFE. Nothing can go wrong.The magician shows a solid nail, h..
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NOW! Android Version NOW! Android Version
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NOW! Android Version (Online Instructions) by Mariano Goni Magic - TrickNOW! is the one of the most technologically advanced products on the magic market today. Borrow ANY smartphone. Ask the spectator to open their browser. They hand THEIR phone to you and you look up an image online. Y..
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Super Steel Ball & Tube Super Steel Ball & Tube
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Wonderful spectator participation effectThe classic Steel Ball and Tube effect- kicked up a notch!You hold one tube, while your spectator holds the other. Place the steel ball on top of your tube- the ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube. However, on your command, the ball slowly s..
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Tic Tac Toe Pro (Parlor) Tic Tac Toe Pro (Parlor)
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A classic paper and pencil game between two players has now turned into an interactive game between the magician and the audience. Each player takes turns drawing X's and O's on a 3-by-3 grid. After completing the game, the magician reveals a surprise ending! Contents:6 pieces made of..
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Perform Unbelievably!Houdini Body chain escape is the quickest and easiest way to perform chain escape trick.In effect, Magician gets locked inside the chain. His neck, two hands, and two legs locked down with silver shining chains. Spectator put two padlocks on legs two on hands and one on ..
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You surely have seen forced selections, but have you ever seen three things that you can force? Such an item would really take forcing to another level! For the audience, it is enough to predict a spectator's choice, but this expands the choice to three, making the chance of all three predictions be..
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A classic Roope Trick with Addon trick.A RED knot on a RED colored rope changes to BLUE. The BLUE knot then changes to YELLOW. On opening the Yellow knot, a yellow piece of rope is seen blended to the Red rope at the place of the knot.Very Easy to perform.Coms with Printed Instruction sh..
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There are many versions of Prediction Tricks but this trick stands separately as it is clean, effective and with completely fair choice, and the best part its super easy to do. From the creative Mind of Bapu Lenka Magician from Odisha, India. Effect: Magician shows 3 pairs of pictures of..
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Indian cups and balls have always been one of the best-kept secrets in magic.This is by far one of the most beautiful hand-turned Hindu Cup sets you will ever own. Delicately hand- turned by the craftsmen, these incredible cups will bring joy just by merely handling them, let alone performing w..
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Description:   "The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning."  - Richard Sanders After ten years of keeping his routines underground, Patricio Terán, the Matrix specialist, brings you his legendary handlings of the Chink-a-Chink plot. You will learn three wo..
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Photo Psychology Photo Psychology
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A Must-Have Ultimate Device for Mentalism Magic. More than 200 devices sold out in a day!(Effect) Phase #1. Magician displays a card case and he explains there is his prediction inside.Now, the magician asks the spectator to freely think of one card in his/her mind.The chosen card i..
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Mystify is a book test like no other and fits snuggly in your pocket. It's unlike conventional book tests that are cumbersome and utilize difficult codes, gimmicks, and other obscure methods. Mystify is compact, light and has a very simple system that will take minimal time to learn. To perform ..
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