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Mind Voice ( Bone Conduction ) Mind Voice ( Bone Conduction )
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A New Mind Hacking Device, Perform Truly Impossible mind tricks, your audience will never forget this. Mental Voice is an advanced bone-conduction device, developed over years of research, used to implant a thought directly into your spectator's head while their eyes and ears are closed.  ..
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"Such a great improvement and an EDC I can see many magicians using. Fantastic!" - Angelo Carbone"Damn this is so good! Somehow you took a perfect trick and made it more perfect." - Dan WhiteDid you know that mankind landed on the Moon before we invented wheels on suitcases? Sometimes we c..
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Switch-A-Two Switch-A-Two
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A devastating split second, invisible switch. Switch cards right before your spectator's eyes.20 years ago, a ground breaking switch hit the magic world that left magicians rubbing their eyes in disbelief.Mark Mason along with Mak Magic introduced Switch-A-Roo by Russel Niedzwiecki. It reall..
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LOAD - PEEK- SWITCH - The Apex Wallet does it all... in true style.Signed card to zippered compartment Card to sealed envelope Ring or coin to sealed envelope in zippered compartment Business card and playing card peek Large central switching compartment (full playing card size) Second (rem..
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When Michael Ammar got a coveted slot on The Late Show with David Letterman, what trick did he perform? Did he make a signed dollar bill appear inside of a lemon? Did he predict a chosen card? Nope! He performed something quick, visual, deceptive…and, yes, a little bit stupid: THE LITTLE HAND.Fi..
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Invisible Stretch O Loops By Sumit Invisible Stretch O Loops By Sumit
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Looking for better-quality Invisible loops ?you are at the right place, these are invisible Loops better than all other Indian manufactured loops better strength, more invisible, and strong than others. it comes in branded packing By SumitThe package contains 6 Loops and an easy carr..
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Rising Card - Closeup Rising Card - Closeup
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The Rising card is always Truely Impossible and visual trick in magic history.We proudly Present you close up version of a classic rising card effect. in effect, the performer asks the spectator to select any card randomly, now he draws one card on a pocket-size notepad, which is not the aud..
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Leave your spectators stunned with this Wild Card Magic Trick!This is the card trick that will leave jaws dropping. An effect that has baffled Magicians for years is easily learned with Wild Card.A great packet card trick that you can perform anytime with no preparation, ready to go, works b..
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A reputation-maker, and Craig's signature trick. CHOP is the most deceptive chop cup routine ever devised, built into the most innocent props imaginable."Holy cow.. I just got a my dvd of CHOP.. wow.. what a routine.. so well thought out.. a tour de force if there ever was one....Huzzah Mr Petty..
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Little Door by Roddy McGhie Little Door by Roddy McGhie
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From the creator of 'FLUX' and 'Sew-On' comes the incredible 'Little Door'…LIMITED STOCK. EACH UNIT IS HAND-MADE BY RODDY MCGHIEEffect: You tell the story of a trick a magician once showed you. You explain that he was able to name your chosen card using a little secret door in the card case...
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Syncplify NotePad by TCC Syncplify NotePad by TCC
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Over the past year, we've been puzzled by two questions:One of the questions is, why is it that international psychic clipboards, no matter where they come from and no matter how bad the packaging, can be easily sold to consumers for thousands of dollars by wrapping two loops of bubble wrap?..
Rs. 43,800.00 Rs. 38,499.00
PRESTIGE 2.0 (No Elastics) by Sergey Koller & Hide PRESTIGE 2.0 (No Elastics) by Sergey Koller & Hide
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Everyone asking about this... So now we proudly introduce PRESTIGE 2.0 Non-Elastic, big changes:The thread never breaks! The system works on gravity The quality of flaps, papers, and plastic sleeves is better!Three years of manufacture upgrade this trick If you are not familiar with t..
Rs. 13,895.00
The Peek Note Wallet by secret Tannery The Peek Note Wallet by secret Tannery
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The Peek Note Wallet by Gerard Kearney is the latest edition to the Secret Tannery's line.A functional everyday wallet with a devastating peek. With space for more than 10+ business cards/credit cards and a currency compartment that fits all currencies, you'll always be ready to "perform in styl..
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The ultimate everyday carry.. it's an entire act that lives on your keychain! Move and vanish holes IN YOUR SPECTATORS hands and MUCH MUCH more.This looks brilliant and the final phase was totally unexpected. Two strong moments of magic that happen right in the hands of the spectator!" - Marc Ob..
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One of the Best mind reading effect ever created with an unbelievable twist.Easy to carry and perform.A small device does it all for you …Ask your spectator to select a playing card from a shuffled deck of cards. In general, the magician reveals spectators’ selection in a normal way by..
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This is a Popular pocket-size mindreading trick that can be used in so many ways!Really startling effect gets a shocked and amazed reaction from your audience every time!These small Pocket size slates look ordinary in every way.But watch what happens when you place a piece of chalk on to..
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There are many versions of Match Effects like Esp match or Number match, but this one is clean and effective. It is Frist Performed in Malaysia in 2018, after years of development & improvement The Final version is Now available. In Effect magician shows two stacks of 5 color cards, one ..
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Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, both are shown and believe it or not, they link together forming a candy bond that will surprise science as two solid objects join with no apparent means possible of doing so. The two linked pieces of candy are shown from all angles, they really are linke..
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Card To Wallet (IN) Card To Wallet (IN)
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A signed card visually jumps from the deck to your wallet.The effect is that a spectator selects a card from a freely shuffled pack and marks the card with a pen with his or her initials. It is returned to the deck and, after he has shuffled the cards, the performer removes his wallet from his p..
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Tarantula II (Online Instructions and Gimmick) by Yigal Mesika
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It’s back... and better than ever! Now with a rechargeable battery, instant lock and unlock abilities, completely silent micro motor, hands-free, stealth design and a brand new video tutorial."Incredible innovations!"  - Dynamo"The Tarantula II is magically genius!"  - Cyril "Yet again..
Rs. 6,945.00 Rs. 6,799.00
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