Ravi  Subramanian on 16/08/2018 Purchased: Jumbo Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)
It is very awesome magic product. In my opinion the cost the items is very high.
  • Very astonishing magic.
Cons title=Cons
  • Very high price.
  • Rating5
ok.But there is yellow tint and looks old
  • Rating3
Soumyajit on 04/08/2018 Purchased: Malam Deck (Deluxe) Limited Edition
Excellent deck of cards.perfect for tutcase back design,fine quality, smoothness.everything is perfect.
  •  5
Suyash on 03/08/2018 Purchased: Instant Appearing Wand
Its good a word of caution its just hollow plastic bendable tube... Just looks solid from a distance
  •  4
Sanjay on 02/08/2018 Purchased: Transition by Way and Himitsu Magic
killer effect... M.... Waiting for this a very long time n finally i got it
  •  5
Jagadeesh Pillai on 01/08/2018 Purchased: Impact Cube
Total Waste of Money. Don't buy this product.

It is very hard to perform the trick, as well as the cube is not a real cube.

Moreover, the spectator can easily catch or is able to understand the trick.

The board included is good, but other supplies are not up-to-mark.
  •  1
Nallayan on 31/07/2018 Purchased: Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
Suggestions? Collaborate!
  •  5
Debdut Choudhary on 13/07/2018 Purchased: Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)
Its a superb deck. Plz buy it anyhow. Its awesome
  •  5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Phantom Disk
Clever secret. Ideal for mind-blowing predictions. Always buy more than 2 at a time for better performance.
  • Rating5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Spirit Glass Square
Not so impressive. Difficult to handle.
  • Rating1
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Loaded Dice (Set Of 8)
Very very well made prop. Thank you NMS
  • Ideal for prediction trick
Cons title=Cons
  • Accuracy is approx 95%
  • Rating5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Color Divination Rods
Must have item for any close-up show. Well finished with a mind blowing secret.
  • Rating5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Brass Disk Escape
A clever secret with difficult handling. Love it.
  • Rating4
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Mental Epic Slate, Pocket Size
Easy to carry and easy to read minds. Nice prop.
  • Rating5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 08/07/2018 Purchased: Magnetic Cards (2)
Not so impressive. Comes without routine suggestion.
  • Rating2
Bishal on 22/06/2018 Purchased: US Half Dollar Coin
It's good one and do lost of coin routine and much more .thank you nikhil jee
  •  5
Its very nice to play with. Easy to learn and great to show
  •  5
Vader on 02/06/2018 Purchased: Silver Steampunk Bicycle Deck
Cheapest Theory11's deck in a metal looking tuck case.
Very thin stock. Traditionally cut. Faros like butter. Springs in a pleasant way without making any noises. Some may not like the back design if you single them out, but little did they know how elegant they look if fanned the cards out properly.

  •  4
vader on 02/06/2018 Purchased: Monarch Playing Cards
A must have for every collector and magic man. Best color is the Blue among its other pals.
Last long for performance, thin stock, theory11's signature feel, a double backer and identical jokers with a reqular faces on a deck design that belong in a palace; what more could you ask for?
  •  5
vader on 02/06/2018 Purchased: Genuine Bicycle Floaters
Original bikes. however the thread quality is very weak.
Do not put inside mixed in a deck. it will get ruined just by rubbing over back of the card.
Floating a wrinkled cigerrette is the best effect.
  •  4