Not as expected
Abhirup on 12/05/2018 Purchased: Expanded Shell Half Dollar (Head) D0001 by Tango
Not as expected. It will not match with any common half dollar coin. Not worthy to be bought.
  • Rating1
  • Total:1
Koj tayo on 11/05/2018 Purchased: Silk Thru Phone
Very good its visual silk
  •  5
Koj tayo on 11/05/2018 Purchased: Invisible Thread Reel 3 Inch
Levitation is good object light just practice level...
  •  5
The best deck
Harpreet on 04/05/2018 Purchased: Artisans (Black)
This is a great deck. It handles beautifully and is a masterpiece. The gold foil fells amazing and luxurious . highly recommended
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
My piece of art
Ravi Subramanian on 24/04/2018 Purchased: My Piece of Art (DVD and Gimmick)
Fantastic magic. Easy to perform. Thanks to NMS
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Ravi Subramanian on 24/04/2018 Purchased: Ignition by Chris Smith (Download + Gimmick)
It is worth for its price. Very easy learning video link. Awesome magic. Easy to learn. Thanks to Nikhils.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Average Effect
Anil Kale on 21/04/2018 Purchased: Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)
It gives me average reactions from audiance..... it is street item so Everyone want to check the Deck after performance.... This is biggest fault.... We cannot hand-over this deck to the audiance
  • Rating3
  • Total:3
probitra das on 19/04/2018 Purchased: Orbit V4 Playing Cards
the cards feel great..but are a bit stiff..
  •  3
Tayo on 19/04/2018 Purchased: Flash paper
It's good flash paper quickly... Visual
  •  5
Very Nice and Amazing Product
Biplab on 17/04/2018 Purchased: Chameleon Champagne
I brought this item just now and after opening the nice packaging of the product, I am astonishing to see this amazing product and nice item for stage !
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Tayo koj on 15/04/2018 Purchased: Spider Thread by Yigal Mesika (2 piece pack)
Yes i love invisible thread.. this way
  •  5
Great little coin
Decks and tricks on 14/04/2018 Purchased: Chinese Coin Color Change
Very nice.really fooled many of my friends.great
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Bable Book Test
Ravi Subramanian on 05/04/2018 Purchased: Babel Book Test (Memory Of Tomorrow book) 2.0
It is very brilliant book test magic and is very interesting. Thanks to Mr.Vincent Hedan for publishing the book. And thanks to NMS to bring it to India.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Justiese on 22/03/2018 Purchased: Sharpie Through Card (Red)
Gimmick is very well made but if there are some clear lightning then we can spot the gimmick card.
Actually along with this I bought sharpie from this website only but the size of sharpie is small and now I cant use it for this gimmick.
  •  4
Justiese on 22/03/2018 Purchased: Amazing Candy
Nice but the color of gimmick and real candy is different!
  •  3
Awesome product
Gets great reactions!
The routines included are simple yet extremely powerful.
Best trick to do with a ordinary blank deck.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Soumyadip Chattopadhyay on 17/03/2018 Purchased: Coin Through Glass
Nice prop to impress people of any age
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Super mental die
Soumyadip on 17/03/2018 Purchased: Super Mental Die
Must have item for any close up show. Nice prop with an amaizing secret
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Sainath on 16/03/2018 Purchased: Blade Eating Mystery
Received the blades but thread is not supplied... :(
  • Rating4
  • Total:4
Satabdo on 15/03/2018 Purchased: Wizard P.K. Ring (Silver) 20 mm
Pk ring you can buy form Please sarcar because both are pk
  •  5
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