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Expert Playing Card

Expert Playing Card
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Join the cutting edge with these vivid, extraordinary cards selected as the United Cardists 2017 annual deck. Renowned artist Dave Edgerly has drawn on Art Deco and Art Nouveau traditions for a style that is both nostalgic and forward-looking, and will delight any audience.The card backs show a hy..
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These are your new go-to playing cards. They handle wonderfully and are traditionally cut for perfect weave shuffles. Very resilient, yet with a splendid ease of use.TuckEach tuck case is made with a special synthetic paper that will last and last. It is tear resistant, resilient, and will help ..
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Malam Deck (Deluxe) Limited Edition Malam Deck (Deluxe) Limited Edition
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A deck of playing cards inspired by the Native American's. Printed by Expert Playing Card Company - Classic Finish. These cards handle beautifully and feel as good they look. A custom red tuck case, gold foil, and embossing, all add to the luxurious feel of these cards.Custom Deck Seal Deluxe..
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Shin Lim, 2015 FISM World Champion in Close-up Card Magic is known for using music to move his audience instead of words, creating an unique and powerful experience. Now he has done the same for custom cards with his new deck. Features:Red foil embossed tuck box Crisp black and red contrastin..
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The Nautical Deck is the brainchild of artist Edo Huang, and is reminiscent of a classic bordered Bee design. Everything about the deck is inspired by the sea. From the rope-like pattern & life preservers integrated into the back design, to the rope border on the court cards, and the impressive ship..
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