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Broken Borders Playing Cards

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Broken Borders Playing Cards

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Product Description by New Deck Order:
The New Deck Order’s new line of playing cards is finally here. Broken Borders Playing Cards are a fresh new take on standard playing cards for 

Featuring design elements that overlap the borders of the cards, these sexy cards are dramatic and bold. The diagonal stripes make the card look outstanding in cuts and spins. Your moves will look loud and hypnotizing.

We’ve taken what we’ve 
learned designing the School of Cardistry V3 deck and went a step further. The face elements have been redesigned to be thicker and more eye-catching. The stripes grab your audience’s attention right from the get-go.

All these, tied together with a yellow and black danger print motif. This motif stretches from the 
cards, to the tuck case, to the seal, to the brick box, and into the world around you.

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